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'Hosts' in the 'Soul Machine' - Hijacking Humanity

I watched the new move 'The Host' recently and despite its 'teenage love tangle' plot (which isn't really my cup of tea when it comes to movies), the main story offers insights into our past, present and future plight on planet Earth, oh what a surprise? Its another long one so I'd make a brew.

The movie shows Earth inhabited by an intelligent alien species known as "Souls." They are portrayed as an incredibly peaceful race, that outwardly shun violence but persist in taking over humanity, I know, I know, its an Orwellian oxymoron, one that is clearly symbolic of our ‘Soul loss’ unless we wake up. As the plot shows the 'Souls' can only survive by being inserted into a 'host body', and thus taking control of human minds. Nothing peaceful about that in my view, it’s merely just another cover story for 'invasion', which I'll get to in more detail.

Ancients 'Hosts' (No Need for the Movies)

  The concept of a 'host' or a possession isn't new, it goes back thousands of years and can be seen in art and texts all over the world. We have the 'demons' in Christian mythology and in Hindu Mythology they are referred to as the Rakshasas (left), who in the holy books called the Vedas, it is mentioned that the 'material world' is 'governed' by these demons. More aboriginal, so called 'primitive people' have referred to them as inter-dimensional ‘beings’, that could move backwards and forwards (or in and out) of our world through portals in the space-time fabric. The same attributes  can be assigned to the Jinn (right) in Islamic texts and of course we have the Archons in the Gnostic writings which go back several thousands years. 

These are the 'invaders of (and in) our minds that the likes of Colin Wilson wrote about in his 60's novel The Mind Parasites. And of course we have the Kabbalah, the Jewish book of hidden 'occult' knowledge, which is merely a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Dr John Dee the Elizabethan occultist was clearly using these 'foundational' systems connected to Kaballah witchcraft, to conjure what have been called by many, as the Archons (see below). Dee was a heavy user of a 'scrying mirror' and held 'Enochian keys' for contacting what he referred to as the ‘angels’. Dee’s angels were the Archon entities and it wouldn't surprise anyone who cares to read my blog that these ‘beings’ show up from time to time in ‘Hollywood’. Of course they would, if Dee was alive he'd be directing movies, maybe he already is, the hosts get everywhere.

 Interestingly when one looks at many parasites (hosts) its easy to imagine alien like ‘hosts’ as put forward in the movies. The dog flea, for example shown below is very similar to that of the ‘alien in the movie ‘Alien’?  
Left; Dog Flea. Right; Alien
The 1974 song by Genesis (its all in a name), ‘Carpet Crawlers’ gives us a creative insight into Dee's archontic world and the entities conjured up through ‘ritual’ by the likes of him and other alchemists of his kind.
As the song says,  
“…A salamander scurries into flame to be destroyed
maginary creatures are trapped in birth
On celluloid
The fleas cling to the golden fleece
Hoping they'll find peace
Each thought and gesture are caught in celluloid
There's no hiding in memory
There's no room to avoid
The crawlers cover the floor
In the red ochre corridor
For my second sight of people
They've more life's blood than before
They're moving in time
To a heavy wooden door
Where the needle's eye is winking
Closing on the poor…"
At its highest level we are dealing with both Satanic wizardry and the ‘dark arts’ utilized by the ultimate secret society  - the Illuminati.


The Architect of Darkness 


Dee's God was the architect of the universe, and he published two important texts, Monas Hieroglyphica (1564), an abstruse magical treatise, and the Mathematicall Praeface (1570) to Henry Billingsley's translation of Euclid, a study of geometry and hence the symbolism of the compass. The creator for the secret societies that later became Freemasonry understood the symbolism of the compass and therefore elevated the architect God figure, seen here as the 'Ancient of Days' captured brilliantly by William Blake. The grand architect is also the chief Lord Archon, the Demiurge, and in many esoteric symbolism is the father figure ‘Cronos’ – ‘the god of time’ (more on this in another post). 

Interestingly the movie Mexican movie Cronos depicts a metallic like vampire scarab that could have been designed by Dee himself that comes to life to ‘take life’!

As I have already pointed out in other articles, a common theme of invaders coming into the human realm, (either physically or through non-physical means) to high-jack a planet (usually ours), seems to have some root in ancient myths and legends. The most well known source has been the tens of thousands of clay tablets (The Sumerian tablets) found in 1850 (dated 4000 BC), and located 250 miles from what is now Baghdad, Iraq. These tablets talk of an alien race called the AN.UNNAK.KI (translated as those who came from Heaven to Earth) and they are often referred to as the Watchers in texts such as the Book of Enoch
In Egypt in 1945 at Nag Hammadi a collection of scrolls were found in a sealed jar later known as the dead sea Scrolls) are believed to Gnostic in origin and possibly pre date the destruction of the great Library of Alexandria. See the excellent movie Agora for a quick historical insight into this era. Within them were 13 codices and more than 50 texts which have given us far greater insight into what the Gnostics knew and believed to be a hidden force manipulating and directing human affairs. One fifth of the texts found at Nag Hammadi focus on 'non-human manipulators' that they call the, Archons, which infiltrate the human mind to influence and therefore ‘direct’ perception of reality. The movie The Host is exactly that, a 'host’ possessing a 'human mind', or in the case of the plot in this movie, the total human population! Such a mass possession isn't too far fetched if we consider what our DNA really is and how we create our reality (or have thoughts that we think are ours) that then manifest (through our perceptions) the worlds that would suit a ‘host’. Predictive programming is another level of this.  

I've seen too many similar themes in other science fiction films and books to dismiss that in some way, our world is being manipulated and genetically modified to expect a full blown ‘take over’ by its 'host'. The many alien take over movies, form the Transformers (the Decepticons) to the many ‘zombie virus’ movie scripts, are all hinting at 'otherworldly' (often virus-like) ‘invaders’ that don't have humanity's best interest at heart. Of course the John Carpenter movie 'They Live’ is one of the clearest renditions of a host alien nation taking over the Earth.
Other themes relate to the weaponization of outer space (Starwars programme) launched by the USA in the 80’s is only one example of the use of advanced knowledge used by government agencies in league with the ‘wizards in white robes’ (brotherhood scientists) to fulfill some kind of trans-human 'take over' of what’s left of human society. Recent movies such as Oblivion starring Tom Cruise hints at such themes, too many to dissect in this little review.

Angry Fire Hosts and Scrying Mirrors that come to life.

I feel that the initiates of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools became followers of the Anunnaki through the worship of Archon, Baal (Jehovah) the ‘fire and brimstone god’, who, when you look at the texts closely, seems to have been a ‘collection of gods’ that traveled in vehicles emitting smoke, fire and lightning. All sorts of magical feats are associated with this composite of gods, from burning bushes to plagues of Lotus. The Canaanite ‘one god’, Yahweh and Moloch, another name for Baal, were the same deity for the Hyksos, (a mixed Semitic-Asiatic group) who infiltrated the Nile valley, seized power in Lower Egypt in the 17th Century BC. They ruled there from c. 1674 BC until expelled when their capital, Avaris, fell to Ahmose around 1567 BC.
The Hyksos in Egypt worshipped Set, (Saturn) like Yahweh (Moloch) they identified as a storm deity and a god of death and war. Egyptian hieroglyphs even show this god training the young pharaoh Tutmoses II, which is symbolic of the connection between the gods and their influence on the ruling royal elite (El-ite). The Archon ‘vampires’ and their ‘royal vehicles’ show up in ‘symbolic terms’ through movies such as Snow White and the Huntsman to feed off the life force of humanity’s collective ‘child within’. This movie was so full of symbolic references to possession I would have to do a blog on its own to justify it. 

Left: The 'ice' Snow Queen consulting the entity in the mirror (an Archon). Right: the Queen sucking the life out of a child in the movie, so to keep her own youth and life force 'topped up'. How old are the royals again?
The ‘One God’ worshiped to the letter by millions of people even today, (unknowingly in the majority of cases), is the 'chief host' (the Demiurge) and it ‘is’ the mentality behind the illuminati priesthood as shown brilliantly in David Icke’s books. 

Archon/Yahweh/Moloch/Cronos and the gods of death and destruction are worshipped through exactly what they represent, ‘death and destruction’, usually through war, ritual sacrifice and death by fire in some cases. These deities and the consciousness that they represent are also called upon in rituals performed on ancient Pagan calendar dates, such as the Equinoxes and Solstices. Both the Texas Waco siege in 1993 and the Oklahoma Bombing the year later both occurred through the ‘Walpurgis Festival’ which starts mid April through to Beltaine (May the 1st). In the ancient world, victims (especially children) would be burnt alive to the Canaanite god Moloch - these people are beyond evil.
Walpurgis Festival celebrated both innocently and not so innocently.

Wars have also been started on and around the same dates (watch out Korea eh?), and we wonder why so much war and bloodshed has visited this planet throughout history? Our ‘hosts’ seem to love war!
Manifestations of Archon fire demons actually took form in flames and smoke of the 'horror ritual', killing thousands of innocent people in New York in September 2001. Like I say these people are evil and so are their masters.
Fire demon appearing in the crumbling Towers on that dreadful day.

Possession - A War that never ends

The references to the war gods can be found in the ancient Sumerian accounts of Marduk, Bel and Indara, through to the Roman god of war - Mars. All of these variations of the same god have their opposite form, but it is the focus on the ‘death god’ by pharaohs, kings, religions and secret societies in today’s world that has and still is shaping the world, through war and tyranny.

For example, the title Warlock comes from the same gods and to be a ‘warlock’ is to be a wizard, evil spirit, traitor, liar and one who breaks his word. That last description could be describing several world leaders today. Wars on all fronts, and the devastation they cause, are no more than the ‘host of hosts' ability to possess those that lead the masses to pay homage to the God of War. And as we all know very well War = Death.

Humans being hunted down (Yawn, what again?)


The movie shows how the invading Host, in an effort to discover the secret whereabouts of some of the last remaining human resistance, inserts a Soul called Wanderer (how apt) into the human being called Melanie Stryder, who was captured while attempting to locate her human family. Not exactly 'Hunger Games' but its a common theme. I had to laugh at the comparison of the character Melanie and that of the wild eyed younger Hilary Clinton. No host required eh? 
No need for a caption
--> In the film, the hosts have 'Seekers' that go out to locate and capture any remaining humans, just as Agents would appear in the Matrix movies to prevent humans from realizing that they are in computer simulation governed by machines.  The Seekers presence reminded me of the Gort and Klaatu characters from the original 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' movie. They came to bring peace in the form of total annihilation if 'Earthlings' didn't do as they were told. Its the same kind of 'peace' that the UN and Nato currently offer those that also don't toe the line. 
Seekers - Hosts inside human biological bodies. Look around you, there might be one or two in the shopping mall?
The UN in disguise as aliens - we bring world peace (and the end of the world if you don't adopt a World Government climate change law)
Interestingly, the souls in The Host look like metallic 'light' insects (sea urchins) that travel great distances from one planet to another, seeking 'bodies' so to possess their target species. 

The insertion of the host into the back of the neck/head reminds me of the link points in the Matrix movies and again hints at the possible 'take over' of the human pineal gland (on one level) by the high-jacking alien entities. The soul then becomes the ‘window’ (the operator) of the human body that it has possessed.

The Hosts' also look similar to the intelligent spirits of the forests of the Navi in the movie Avatar, which seems to be an artistic theme in current films. Or are the directors making subtle references to the ‘sentinel’ alien-like life form that lives at the depth of our oceans – our oceans of consciousness?

The grid that connects the host's souls to their home on other worlds and no doubt symbolic of the type of 'soulless' machine like world that the Archon mind wants for humanity?

 The ‘souls’ in The Host act as that bridge between worlds and connect to a stellar light grid (above) that they return to via small metallic space eggs. Of course in 'reality' the machines are already here and 'possessing the generations' as I type. Cyberton has landed and the Zombies are plugged in all over the place and ready to roll (well text while walking)!

A picture speaks a thousand words?
I have used in my art the symbolism of the Babylonian father deity called Marduk (also a satanic death metal band – no coincidence) and his role as the creator of a new human.

One text accredited to Marduk (the architect) reads; “I shall bring into existence a robot; his name shall be Man.”

The robot in this sense is the possessed human form.

Mind Blindness

The Nag Hammadi Codex (scrolls) also warns us of the 'gross deception', the illusion of life and the real force behind 'belief systems' that encourage death, destruction and separation from our higher selves. Figures such as Jesus (or the priests who knew the truth and wrote these texts behind an imaginary figure), imparted the knowledge that humanity had been separated from the infinite! Parables in the Bible that speak of ‘helping the blind’ to ‘see’ and giving ‘sight to those that cannot see’, refer to a switch in perception, when we realise that both life and death are part of the illusion – infinite love (oneness) is the only truth. Mind blindness in this context relates to ‘not seeing’ the illusion and accepting the ‘god of death’, accepting ‘survival’ (mere existence and servitude), over harmony and justice for all. The demons in the mind, ‘the Archon hosts’ operate through our focus on guilt, fear and control. In the words of the Gnostic Gospel:

“The darkness works to anaesthetise the intelligence and spread the cancer of mind blindness.”

Place of the Skull – its all in the Mind!

The official focus of reality is in our heads, our minds, our perception. My image for the cover of David Icke’s recent book, Remember Who You Are is a symbol for this ‘mind blindness’ and shows how the mind ‘projects’ a false reality, a world controlled so deeply through the rule of 'signs and symbols'. It also offers a memory of our true power that can and will leave the 'host' behind -"get thee behind me Satan".
 The surface world known as ‘Officialdom’ (in all its forms), also shows us these ‘signs’ and symbols and through them we can 'see the illusion' if we choose to ‘see it’. For example, the government in the United States is Capitol Hill but this is not a political building at all. It’s an illusion. It is a temple and thats why so many ritualistic (satanic) decisions are made in these temples and why the ‘souls’ of the overwhelming majority of those who work there have been sold to the agenda of the ‘Hosts’ and the Archons. ‘Capitol Hill’ means 'Hill of the Skull' and was named after Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of ancient Rome. Washington was designed with Babylon and later Rome ‘in mind’ for this reason and hence the 'architectural' similarities. And what did ancient Rome do? It conquered and occupied, er, just as it does today in its modern form.
 The inside of Buckingham Palace is the same as the inside of the Vatican and any other ‘Stately home’, it’s the same ‘blue print’ (hologram), the same ‘mind’ operating at the highest levels of society.

Its also the hive mind, the 'mind of the host' that wants 'order', conformity, slavery (worker bees) and above all the death of the human spirit - human freedom.

Worshiping Death

In Sumerian legends the god Nabuna’id was the son of Sin, (from were we get the religious term ‘sin’), and his dreams in the form of narratives were recorded on seals and tablets for all initiates to see. In the Sumerian /Babylonian texts Sin was said to be the offspring of Satan and Death and in religious terms, Sin can only be repented by visiting the house of death – or your church in other words. In the minds of the priests that invented the religious blueprint now called Christianity, at the highest levels, the religion is based on Lucifer and the house of death. On a more physical level that’s exactly what churches and cemeteries are – places of death. At the highest levels, all religion fosters some sort of duality and promotes separation, through deception. All religion is designed to crush human individuality of thought and perception in favor of group-think and group-program (see above).

Inside the Cave of the Mind

After the ‘insertion’ of the host into Melanie, and now as the soul called Wanderer, she comes to realize an unsettling fact- Melanie has not faded away in 'consciousness', and in fact is 'putting up walls in her mind' (a human fire wall) to prevent her family from being found. Many scenes reminded me of the character Golem and Smeagol in the books The Lord of the Rings, as they ‘both’ fought to express themselves in one body. The cave is also symbolic of the recesses of the mind and the place from where we can emerge to offer new ‘insight’. I am a bit of a ‘cave dweller’ so I know all about that.

Melanie and Wanderer - to souls in one biological body
 As time passes and Wanderer tries to break Melanie's walls, she begins to feel sympathetic toward the humans Melanie loves so dearly- her brother Jamie and her partner, Jared Howe (played by Max Irons). She eventually finds them in a cave complex living like 'natives' amongst a high-tech alien possessed global society.  
I have had many dreams over the years that relate to this theme of humans in the past (or future) living in caves and being on the run from an alien invading force. And for the sceptics out there, this goes back to childhood, way before I ever saw a Sci-fi movie. I was drawing images of ‘lovers’ coming together in the desert of native America, which if anything, shows how creatives tap into a collective stream of consciousness, a 'data-base of memories' stored in our DNA.

The 'hosts' are moving in on the lovers - Infinite unconditional love is what scares the shit out of the Archon mind!

The latter part of the movie takes place in the ‘last human hide out’ in a place which looks like the volcanic plug known as Ship Rock in New Mexico, very much remnants of an ancient epoch on Earth. It’s a place I have visited once and has always intrigued me. The lands across the Four Corners always remind me of some ancient battle scene. One where unseen forces wreaked havoc on a massive scale.

I didn't fancy being left there for 40 days and 40 nights!

  As I have said before many of these ancient places all over the world are inter-dimensional portals, those that were with David Icke in Peru in 2012 will know what I am referring to (see my review of the Avengers movie below).  

Ship Rock (above) is a very sacred place to the Navajo called Tsé Bitaí, "rock with wings" or "winged rock'. It refers to the legend of the great bird that brought the Navajo from the north to their present lands. Was it a space boat? A ship? The great bird is more than likely Garuda the eagle deity of Hindu mythology or the phoenix (Benu/Horus) that rose out of the ashes of the old world after the cataclysms. Both were sworn enemies of the Naga, the demon race. In some Hindu belief Garuda and Hanuman (the monkey god) are connected in their removal of the demon host, in the creation myths of Sri Lanka and India. Interestingly, in the Hopi emergence stories it is an anthropomorphic deity (Kokopelli below) that raises a dead sacred bull (a Mahu) through the sound of his flute, music, sound or ‘vibration’.
Kokopelli (blue monkey) © Neil Hague
Shiprock is part of the huge ancient formations across the Four Corners, such as Monument Valley and of course Canyon de Chelly (Spider Rock) to the south. The legends of the great bird seem to relate to the migration stories of both the Navajo and the Hopi and in the same stories the ‘ant people’ along with the Mahu (maui) Kokopelli, lead humanity (the Hopi) to a new world; to our current world (reality). I am not saying for a minute that any of this is fact, but the correlations between the stories of the Hopi being helped out of the 'underworld' caves by the Ant people and the great bird of the Navajo myth, both hint at the idea of ‘other worldly entities’ administering the movement of a new humanity from one world cataclysm to another. Did the Hopi emerge form a futuristic world that was taken by a ‘Host’ - a ‘predator’? As the American Indian poet and actor John Trudell sings in his song Crazy Horse,

“…today is now and then
Dream smokes touch the clouds
On a day when death didn't die
Real world time tricks shadows lie
Red white perception deception
Predator tries civilising us
But the tribes will not go without return
Genetic light from the other side
A song from the heart our hearts to give
The wild days the glory days live…”

Trudell’s words talk of the return of the ‘true human being’ not the one that is ‘being human’ and has the ‘host’ within its head, its eyes and its perception.

The ant people described by the Hopi tribe in Arizona are a perfect description of the Greys (in my view) and this 'collective host' of the infamous reptilians, greys and other forms that are working for human suppression and control are what the Gnostics referred to as the ‘Archons’. 
As Jesus supposedly said, “Yours is the house of desolation, the home of the lizard and the spider, Serpents, vipers how can any of you escape damnation
 Matthew 23: 13-39

In the lost Gospel of Judas, another Gnostic text, there are said to be words that translate as, ‘there were many animals walking around in the skin of men’

The Wanderer Returns


Wanderer becomes torn between loyalty to her own race (the souls), trying to give information to the argumentative Seeker assigned to her, and her blossoming love for the humans in her memories. As Wanderer's and Melanie's trust builds, they embark on a journey through the desert to find the resistance, nearly dying in the process.

Wanderer awakens to find herself captive in the den of the enemy humans (in her eyes), and realizes her problems have just begun. At first the humans resistance want her dead, their doctor wants to experiment on her, she may have accidentally lead the alien Seekers here. But she has become hopelessly in love with Jared, the man who belongs to the human she 'occupies'.

What eventually follows is an inspiring story of friendship, love, and loyalty in which the bonds of human brotherhood are tested, and an alien discovers that in all the planets in the universe she has experienced, humans are the only race she would give her life to save others. It is her younger brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) in the movie that shows the alien host how to love through his own act of ‘recognition’ of Wanderer’s purpose to free his sister, that the last human’s learn how to remove the host and send them home to where they came from.  


Trapped by mind, body and the ‘host’ of 'time'.


Our notion of time also traps us and prevents us from breaking free of the material (physical) reality and the limitations that come with slavishly following the construct we call ‘time’. Too often we choose to be servants of this system rather than free thinkers and individual pioneers of our own realities. Thus the ‘system’ (our personal cage) becomes a reflection of the consensus reality of planet Earth. The ‘Host’ consciousness cannot control or ‘feed off’ our mind and emotions, unless we allow it to do so, just as the character Melanie in the movie, shows by resisting her ‘death’ to the Host that has occupied her biological body.
The only way that so much suffering on this amazing planet can manifest in ways that destroy the very foundations of the human spirit, is when billions concede their right to be free, to be occupied by that host, symbolically! Millions have been persuaded to accept fear and survival (the cage mentality) and it is the survival mentality, harnessed through fear that is the food source of the predator consciousness. When we are fearful and in survival mode, we send out signals that sustain the predatory host mentality. This state of mind as created and controlled the very institutions we call religion, politics, the military and corporate power bases that survive only through rule by fear! 

The Aslan Complex

In a reoccurring dream over the years I see a ‘host’ predator consciousness that can take the form of lions (lion-humanoids) and other forms besides, all living amongst humanity. In one strand of the dream these lion-like entities seem to operate on a parallel reality but can become part of the human reality when stalking its ‘human prey’. Humanity, like the blissful gazelle or zebra going about their mental and emotional existence in ignorance of the predator ‘host’ can be devoured by those that are not ‘aware’,  are not conscious.

In truth this dream relates to the ‘host’ within us and the lion-humanoid archetype relates to both our ability to give away our own individual power (the victim) or become the empowered individual. I call the latter the ‘Aslan Complex’, a state of being that transcends all forms of survival and victim mentality. It is the fear of our true power and the illusions created through ‘our fears’ that continually sustain the predator, our host of hosts – the Archon mind. Our ego and endless modes of thought relating to guilt also feed the host consciousness but it only feeds off the energy we give away to it.

In the end we remove the host by ‘starving the beast within’ and this is what we need to do, more now than ever before. Our power of the imagination and intent (our visualization) are keys to removing the mind parasites that prevent us from creating a beautiful Earth reality. 
"Go home Hosts" your no longer welcome here!

Until next time



  1. It's interesting that you mention the burning towers in this post as today when I went to check out times for "The Host" at my local cinema (which is in an Asian neighbourhood) there was a Korean movie called "The Tower",which led to this about some strange tower story syncs -

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  4. Something does not add up. So Christianity is supposed to be part of this control system, however those in contact with these entities; secret societies hate Christianity and have been attacking it on all fronts and instead they really seem to love Gnosticism (apperently the "G" in freemasonry stand for Gnosis) also oddly enough gnostic ideas are being spread all aver recently along with theosophy and new age ect. Something smells very fishy.

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  6. Ok, thank you. So there is chronos the bearded god, who/what is that single eye being? Those are two different entities. I believe the white bearded god is angry in nature and that single eye downright evil and filled with hatred towards humanity. I have also seen the archons. They were interdimensional digital holographic lightbeings, inorganic hyperintelligent cyborgs made of some sort of luminous electrical current, they operated in groups all looked different but had no individuality or choice it seemed void of empathy or love. They looked like mayan gods, but just imagine them als a cyborg digital light race. Maybe cern wil bring in their dimension with ours in the open. there is supposed to be a firewall between our natural world and inorganic world....

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