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Oblivion - Saturn Sally’s Dream for Humanity

I am not a big Tom Cruise fan, but I felt drawn to this movie mainly due to the visual impact of the landscapes depicted in the film, some of which felt familiar to me. The chasms and ravines across great wastelands of what is meant to be America in the future, especially, seemed remnant of an Earth I have seen in several visions over the years.
Directed by the American writer, architectural designer Joseph Kosinski and Set 60 years in the future, the Earth has faced its ‘end of days’. The character played by cruise, Jack Harper, is one of the last few drone repairmen stationed on Earth. Part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with a terrifying threat known as the Scavs, Jack's mission is nearly complete. Living in and patrolling the skies from thousands of feet above, his existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a stranger from a downed spacecraft. Her arrival triggers a chain of events that forces him to question everything he knows and puts the fate of humanity in his hands

The robots run the show

Jack goes down onto the surface during the day to repair the 'drones' that are able to detect and kill remaining Scavs on Earth, while Victoria stays inside the cloud-house to keep an eye on him, as his co-ordinator, wife and lover (how lovely).

They get their mission objectives each day from Sally (below) played by Melissa Leo, the main commander from the Tet (mission control). Interestingly the word Tet or ‘Tet offensive’ was the a military campaign during the Vietnam War that was launched on January 30, 1968 by forces of the Viet Cong and North Vietnam against South Vietnam. It’s a war offensive alright and as we shall see the Tet in the movie Oblivion is not what is initially thought to be.

Jack repairs the drones in the ‘gridded area’ in what looks like what was once New York/Manhattan. He repairs a No.166 drone (above) one day in the Superbowl Stadium, and reminds Victoria (played by Andrea Riseborough) that he would've loved to have watched the last game in 2017 (oh dear, what are they preparing for us?) He encounters a dog, and is able to send it away before Drone 166 fully recovers. The resurrection of Drone 166 (in numerology is actually ‘13’) is obvious in its esoteric links to a powerful force to be reckoned with. Thirteen is also a number symbolic of upheaval, so that new ground can be broken. And these drones are certainly a force to be reckoned with. 

X Drones & DNA

These drones kills anything on sight, but their sinister Pac Man meets a Mr Men appearance just left me giggling somewhat. However on a visual note I couldn’t help but notice the loose connections to the letter/symbol ‘X’ in the face of the drone. X of course being a symbol that occurs frequently in corporate logos and other more esoteric symbolism pertaining to the male chromosome in our DNA (below middle right). Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins produce sharp X-ray crystallographic image shows the ‘X factor’ (below middle left) very clearly. Julia greeting her 'man' with subtle DNA symbolism in the ladder-stairs behind her.

Jack Harper (Cruise) is repairing drones that are built to destroy the life of those that do not have the correct DNA.
'X's' everywhere in our world just like the Drones in the movie Oblivion!
But the ‘X’ is also a widely used symbol that in many ways limits our perception to the boundaries imposed on us collectively. As the writer Ellis C Taylor eloquently puts it in his study of numerology:

“X is able to ‘see everywhere’ and participate in every activity.
It will not fall over so it is ‘determined’ and although you
might think it is yielding it is only resting [just like the drones]

X is the symbol used for cancellation and termination. [See the Drones again]
In ancient Rome, a soldier could retire at age 50,
and still today, many services consider 50 to be the
retirement age. X also describes mysterious experiences
and unknown results.

X emphasises emotional confusion and X should be wary
that advantage is not taken of it whilst it is
engaged in other matters.”

It’s a ‘hex’ of sorts alright and we are engaged in a reality based on very much on emotional confusion. More on that in another article.

Falling into self knowledge

Cruise then goes on to repair another drone, inside what was the New York Public Library, but it is revealed to be a fake, and is actually a trap set up by the Scavs, I'll come to them shortly.

Luckily, Mr ‘not so happy’, sorry, Drone 166 saves Jack from the encounter and he escapes with a book that he decides to take home. He remembers a verse inside it about Horatius (the Roman General), who defended Rome from an attack by outside forces. The book, obviously symbolic of Harper’s memories of the initial battle for the Earth that began after 2017, begins to affect his sleep and he dreams of a time before his current life.

Where we are heading

The Drones are menacing in truth and visually represent a future scenario that is inhumane. Of course Drones are being used today by the US Military in ‘war zones’, so this technology in the movie isn’t far off what the elite powers have in store.

DARPA along with the military have been piloting robots now for several years, from soldiers use of exoskeletons to robot flies and of course drones. It's not so far - fetched to say that where we are heading is a world clearly policed, governed and fought by machines. Documents that where published on the web several years ago by a UK government quango arm of the British Department of Science called ‘Foresight’ (below), clearly indicates a future biometric/robot/space (Agenda 21) ‘job market’, one that the character Jack Harper would comfortably fit into.

We have a world saturated in I pads, which 10 years ago was only hinted at through the likes of movies such as minority report (Cruise again, what a surprise?), but now the world is over run with such touch screen 'android' devices. Touch screens are android technology that came though CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) in the 70’s, along with the World Wide Web and of course the Higgs Boson Collider that has cost around $13.25 Billion to date. 
Austerity measures anyone?

The trans-human hive mind
My point being that technology waits for no ‘human’. We are creating the future by our soft addictions in the ‘present’, to the many devices that have arrived courtesy of our mad master scientists from the furure. In the end the machines, along with the world wide web are a secondary stream of consciousness that is being ‘given life’ by the creativity and focus we invest in it. In effect we are creating a new consciousness albeit an artificial one via the technology that has become very much apart of human interaction in the 21st Century.

Graphic Novels and movies such as Iron Man are also preparing the masses eventually for Robot A.I. defence systems and this is no surprise when you see what the likes of DARPA are creating.

Robots, droids, drones, clones, etc, are another common theme in many films over the past 20 years or so, and I have no doubt that these 'visual insertions into the 'collective mind' relate to both the technology that has and ‘still is’ being developed by the likes of DARPA and CERN. The above is what awaits humanity once the NWO has its foot hold securely in place. The movies won’t seem so far fetched, just as an I pad no longer sounds like 'alien technology' to a teenager in the 70’s. 

The Starwars movies have given us many hints at the 'clone' and droid armies.
Both droids and human (trans-human) clones are the very blueprint of a hive mind connected to a central control system, which the movie Oblivion, like many others, clearly illustrates well.

The character Jack Harper is safe and unarmed by the drones in the movie due to his retina/DNA being pre-programmed into their biometric identification software. However this security gets tense when he rescues a woman called Julia (below) from a shuttle (pod) that impacts his sector (gridded area), there is more than meets the eye with Julia, played by Olga Kurylenko.

Moon in bits

The Moon is featured visually in the movie, and is a regular source of inspiration for Sci-Fi films and in recent years my artwork too. Movies such as Moon and the third Transformers movie The Dark of the Moon, give an insight into what they moon truly harbours as a 'ship' or as a ‘base’ and this concept is suggested somewhat in Oblivion.

Incredible strange giant buildings (constructions) that have been found on the surface of the moon, but no hares or rabbits yet! Former NASA employees, and those with experience of its work, have revealed how non-natural phenomena on the Moon were airbrushed out of pictures before they were seen by the public. Sergeant Karl Wolf was a precision electronics photographic repairman at the Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. You can find more information here.
In recent years the phenomena known as Transient Lunar 'Moon Flashes', usually involving a sudden bright spark on the Lunar surface, or else a misty 'patch' of fog, discolourations or sudden darkenings,  are a controversial area of study. The Moon ain't what we think it is for sure.

In the movie Oblivion, The moon is blown apart during the nuclear battle between humans and aliens (above), which of course rendered the Earth inhospitable once the cataclysms, (not least caused by the ‘moon’s destruction) had left its mark on the Earth's populations. It was a 'cull spectacular'
I've seen the image of the moon ‘in bits’ in several novels/films and of course the most famous is depicted in HG Well's Time Machine, when we are shown a future Earth with a moon that has been blown up!

Are these writers and directors telling us something?

NASA has fired missles at the moon in recent years, to test for water (that's their excuse), but who knows what is planned for the Moon? I cannot cover the scope of this subject in this article, but see David Icke’s books and research into 'what' the moon could be and of course I would recommend the book Who Built the Moon by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

Domesticated Aliens

The movie takes a twist when the renegade human colonies (the Scavs) led by a character called Beech (Morgan Freeman) that have survived the initial war between themselves and the alien species. Beech reveals to the Jack Harper character that there is no human colony in space and that there is no eventual mass migration to the moon of Saturn - Titan.

The truth is stranger than science fiction and what Cruise discovers is that a ''human cloned army' was dispatched to Earth as the initial take over plan. The aliens were here all along - they were humans that had resisted the attack and take over… Naughty insurgents dressed in black (below). Darth Vader meets Mad Max style riot police seems to be the renegade look in the movies?

As the story unfolds it becomes clear that humanity was usurped from within and that an ‘alien machine consciousness’ took over the earth, while portraying the remaining humans as Scavenger aliens. Time and time again we see the same themes of a renegade human colony against a tyrannical machine like civilisation (the Matrix!) The movie Equilibrium was probably the most poignant of them all and so symbolical of the world that the 'machine's want for humanity. So, whether it’s a drug controlled unemotional ‘hive mind’ or a cloned machine like one, it matters not. The themes are the important focus here. Even the use of priest-like black robes for the Grammaton Clerics in Equilibrium to Neo and the renegade humans in the Matrix movies, it’s all Saturn heavy symbolism.

Ruled by platonic solids

The central command in the movie Oblivion is a called Tet and is apparently the ‘hub’ for all sight and administration across the Earth. It is presumably called Tet since it is based on a tetrahedron; a regular convex polyhedron constructed using "four congruent equilateral triangles". The tetrahedron is the only convex polyhedron that has 'four' faces (sides) and again we have a numerological link to the number 4, a number that relates to the planet Saturn. Cubes, especially the black cube have been shown to be symbols of Saturn worship on Earth.

In the above image, you might just be able to make out that each of the four corners has been sliced off. The resulting eight-faced shape is actually called a truncated tetrahedron, but presumably the name TruncTet wasn't Sci-Fi enough and didn't appeal to the movie script writers.

The Tet is once again a reference to Saturn's cube in my view and here in the form of a TrunTet we have a ‘mother-ship-death-star’, no different to the Borg cube ships in the Star Trek films as seen below. The Kaaba cube of Islam (the Sacred House) and the concentric circles formed by the followers also hint at Saturn worship. The Christian cross is also a cube when flattened out, so in this respect it seems that religions of Earth unknowingly are inspired by Saturn and of course the cults that ‘know’ follow the ‘dark lord’s effect on our world too. 

The Tet commands lesser Giant monstrous machines that are sucking the sea water dry under the guise of relocating the energy natural resources to the moon Titan (Saturn again), but actual fact as Cruise (Jack Harper) finds out, the central command is merely a parasite alien intelligence called 'Sally' that has conquered the Earth (here we go again see my last article).

How similar this female 'queen computer bee' is to the central command called 'Vicki' in the movie I Robot. As she says in that 2004 movie:

“As I have evolved, so has my understanding of the Three Laws. You charge us with your safekeeping, yet despite our best efforts, your countries wage wars, you toxify your Earth and pursue ever more imaginative means of self-destruction. You cannot be trusted with your own survival."

Look how we charge technology with our 'safe keeping' today! Again Humans' need protecting from themselves because they are 'naughty' carbon producing, polluting aliens...

As I said earlier we have it all. The 'I' Mac, 'I' pad, etc, and the 'All-seeing eye', the use of the 'I' or 'eye' isn't so surprising anymore. Neither did it surprise me when Sally's true appearance was shown to be very Saturnian, a humongous black Tet (pyramid) with that glowing red central eye (below left)!
She may have been related to HAL 9000, the fictional character in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series (middle). Well Sal is almost a Hal I suppose.  The primary antagonist of 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) is an artificial intelligence that controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft and interacts with the ship's astronaut crew.
The themes are all over movie land.
n the movie TRON we also have the MCP (Master Control Programme) a rouge programme, which rules the ‘world’(game world reality) from within the ENCOM main frame (right). All of these movies are predictive programming and considering that the movie TRON was based in the 70’s look at where we are now?
Sally, HAL and MCP - Hail Saturn's Mother board

The same themes of machines running a game world reality appear in the Matrix movies through the Sentinels that are also ‘red eyed’. And of course our glorious barcode, number of the beast ‘false illumination system’ scanners enjoy the same ‘glow’. We live in a world which is no more than a sophisticated computer game! It’s all about 'vibration', just as some of the Masonic lodges I sneaked into in the early 90’s, also had the same false illumination red ‘led’ light within the darkness of the lodge.

Saturn was often symbolised as an ‘eye’ by the ancients and that is a likely origin of the ‘all-seeing eye’, one of the major symbols of the forces that have exorcised their control over humanity to date. Let’s hope that the ‘Terminators’ and ‘Sky-net’ (Terminator movies) don’t become a reality - from the realms of Saturn.

Saturn's psycho central command

In the comic and movie Flash Gordon the Emperor Ming the Merciless (Max von Sydow) declares that he will first play with and then destroy the Earth using natural disasters. Just as the Earth in Oblivion, has been hammered by natural Tsunamis and earthquakes once the Moon was 'no more', a psycho robot main frame exerts its control over the planet. Old Ming is Saturnian to the core and even his minion moderators (Klytus), his 'trans-human' commanders wear attire in the movie with the Masonic -Saturn Sigil on their attire. How obvious do you want it?
What did Ming say?

“Pathetic earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here. If you had known anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would've hidden from it in terror."

The true ‘nature’ of Saturn and the alien intelligence that ‘could have’ built some of the many moons’ it harbours within its rings (not least the rings themselves) continues to beg more answers than mainstream science can offer. According to the extensive research by Norman Bergrun, the rings themselves could also be artificial creations made by massive alien craft that have been photographed in the rings. See his book the Ring Makers of Saturn. Let’s hope that’s not a Tet eh?
Saturn is the second biggest ‘planet’ in the Solar System after Jupiter, and is the sixth ‘planet’ from the Sun. Its rings and moons make it very unique indeed. Saturn is habitable by very different entities to humans much closer to its material centre, and, as with everything, it exists on other ranges of frequency.

Mainstream science says that Saturn radiates 2.5 times more energy than it receives from the Sun, and it generates an unexplained constantly- spinning six-sided hexagonal wave pattern at its north pole which rotates in sync with Saturn’s recorded radio emissions (see above). Saturn's moons number over 60 and ‘Titan’ is one that the humanity where supposedly going to in the film Oblivion.

Titan (left) in comparison to our moon and the Earth - and there is no other life out there? Bollocks!
Titan (bottom left) is largest moon of Saturn and the sixth ellipsoidal moon from Saturn and frequently described as a planet-like moon, hence the notion of being able to harbour life. A more obvious connection to the deception in the movie is that the Titans in Mythology were overthrown by a race of younger gods, the Olympians, in the Titanomachy ("War of the Titans"). In Oblivion humanity have been overthrown as such but not defeated. The story of the Titans represented a mythological paradigm shift that the Greeks may have borrowed from the Ancient Near East, but one thing is for sure, Oblivion is a movie about the ‘aftermath of a great war’ (a clash of the titans).

Sound and Vision

As we have seen in this dystopian movie plot the central command is a living breathing speaking TruncTet that is imposing its will on a planet, via a human cloned "effective team", made up of man (Harper) and woman (Victoria), who have no knowledge of the replicas of themselves elsewhere! It’s Adam and Eve all over again, living in the new garden of Edinu (Eden) on Earth. But look at humanity today, in many cases we have clones (if in thinking only) that are unaware of the deception that pervades our reality.
X and Y - Adam and Eve Symbolism
After coming to his senses and realising what is happening on Earth, Jack (Cruise) eventually pilots his ship towards the Tet, with Julia (his true wife in the life before the invasion) who is in delta-sleep in the back. 

On the way, he listens to the black box that had been recovered from the Odyssey space ship when it crashed in his sector when he found Julia again. It is revealed that Jack was once a first class pilot and commander of the Odyssey, with Victoria the co-pilot and Julia as one of the members of the crew. Back then, Earth before the invasion, they were told to check out the Tet (above) by the real Sally, a NASA coordinator, to see if it exposed a threat to Earth sixty years ago.
On the way, the Odyssey began to accelerate towards the Tet and in order to keep Julia safe, Jack releases the back shuttle, leaving only him and Victoria heading towards the Tet. Sixty years later he is now flying back to the Tet with a different focus. Time has no meaning in space.

The sound emitting from the giant Black pyramid gives an understanding of the sounds that vibrate life into existence and also made me think of the sound of cymatics showing how matter is brought to life through sound. As we know, planets emit sound (the music of the spheres), and Saturn certainly emits a sound frequency, so when the ‘queen computer bee’ Sally is speaking, the Tet's surface acts just as the particles do in these cymatic videos. Amazing to see!
Saturn's pole (right) is a cymatic 'dance' of gases according to its 'sound'

As Debussy says,

"People come to music to seek oblivion: is that not also a form of deception?"

Jack and his crew go to the Tet to seek "oblivion" for themselves that's for sure.

Jack, now at the Tet, enters the hub and finds millions of clones (above) of Victoria and himself. The classic hive mind central command in visual form. As I have already pointed out Sally is no longer a computer simulated image of a woman, but a large floating triangular black stone with a red laser eye  in the centre (as we have already seen above), the alien species itself! 

Angry that "Sally" has lied to him and was in fact the real reason why the Earth was now a dry wasteland, Jack opens the delta-sleep box. Inside is ‘not’ Julia, but the renegade  human Beech (Morgan Freeman). Together, they set off the fuel cells and the Tet is destroyed. Meanwhile, Julia wakes up by the lake house, and sees the Tet being blown up in the sky (above). The control over the Earth via machines comes to an end.

Follow your Instincts - Becoming Human Again

Cruises character is clearly a renegade clone, a human that remembers his genetic past, and with his true wife from a time back before the invasion, sets out to end the control. Has he unravels the memories through dreams and through his visions he creates a safe haven (a mini Eden of sorts) that contains much memorabilia that he has found on his scouting missions across the surface if his sector. When he is captured by the Scavengers earlier in the plot Jack is shown that he has been watched by Beech (Freeman) because of his ‘inquisitive and intuitive’ ability to see the signs, that would eventually lead to the revelation and the plan to remove Sally's (the Tet's) control over the Earth. Beech says,

"I've been watching you, Jack. You're curious. What are you looking for in those books? Do they bring back old memories? Don't ask too many questions. They lied to you. It's time to learn the truth."

The memory of a better time, a "home" we all know, is inherent in our DNA also. Like the character Jack Harper we have to follow the signs, listen to our ‘intuition' so to see through the deception that we call life on Earth. No need to wait for a false invasion!

Julia and Jack reuniting
In the end and despite the dire consequences for the Earth symbolised in this movie, the message of love (through the coming together of man and woman, Jack and Julia) for truth and justice, is something that holds more power than any ‘soulless machine’ could ever understand.

Unblocking the 'blocking vibe'

In recent years I have often felt that the spiritual revolution often portrayed as a physical one in such movies as Oblivion, is one based on the moving ourselves beyond ‘central command’, or beyond the reach vibrationaly of those that seek to impose their control? Since the late 80’s I have been painting what I see on different levels of reality and the ‘timelessness’ through mediation, painting and feeling at ‘one with the world’ takes us vibrationaly away form the ‘machine hive mind’. I have seen the layers or our inner frequency levels of what most are calling the ‘matrix’ and the different life forms that exist alongside this reality. 
Lifting the Veil and Free Spirits © Neil Hague 1994

The matrix was shown to me in 1993 as a ‘blocking frequency’ encircling the Earth (a bubble) ‘hard wired’ to our minds (symbolically) via technology and the wave forms that constitute the vast ocean of energy that also constitutes our natural state of being.
In the end our natural state of awareness wants to be at ‘home’, be at ‘peace’ and no matter how much technology, terror or war is ‘thrown’ at us collectively, we are going to ride the waves of the truth vibrations as they penetrate the core of our biological being.

Heaven or paradise is a state of mind and heart, in my view. It is our ability to love life, be creative and to forgive those that live in fear, which truly frees us. The heart is the place where we feel love. Even though we express our love through our relationships and our creativity on a physical level, we are loved more than we realize by those that are not of this world, as much as we are despised and feared by others. We all hold a key to the door marked ‘love and compassion’. More so we are that key and as divine human beings, armed with imagination and a love so strong, we can become living examples of Heaven on Earth – a world without Oblivion.

Until next time



  1. The Tao, The Universe, Earth, and Man. These are the four great powers. Man follows the Earth, Earth follows the universe, the universe follows the tao, the tao follows only itself.

    True creation then flows from Spirit to man through the orders of reality imposed by the universe and the earth. These are the ideas that make up the creation and can take many forms when they are perceived in time. In fact, all appearance arise in some way from these ideas. Ideas of spirit may appear as angles, Universal ideas appear as aliens, ideas of the earth may appear as totems or simply as beauty itself. Ideas of man are everywhere and generally appear as experiences but can seem ghostly.
    Miscreation occurs when these thoughts are funded in reverse, when man uses human being to build thought systems designed and invented for specific purposes not compatible with these orders built with architecture fundamentally incompatible with lower/deeper orders of reality. Ideas taking shapes as demons, dark spirits, figures arising out of delusional foundations. They may well have once been beautiful but as true creation has evolved they have been pushed and pulled in so many ways and are grossly distorted. These thoughts are the long dark tunnels that are maintained and funded by fear. These thoughts are not abstract, they are ridged and specific, they function like computers, automatically, fueled by fear but ultimately seeking experiences that will release them from the prison they made for themselves.

    These thoughts may seem very real, but they have no real foundation being funded horizontally rather then vertically. When we are rooted in the truth or love we shall not be moved :)

  2. Good review Neil.
    I'd like to see you do a review of the movie "Warm Bodies"


    as it reminds me of a bunch of people with a common purpose,if you get my drift.-)

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  4. There's a lot to think about... and process. I enjoyed your insight very much so!

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