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Prometheus the Movie

Prometheus's Fire, Alien Gods and Pandora’s box of tricks


“In the first of those recorded dreams, Nabuna’id saw the planet Venus, the planet Saturn, the planet Ab - Hal, the shining planet and the Great Star, the great witnesses who dwell in heaven. He (in the dream) set up alters to them...”
 Taken from the dreams of Nabuna’id (The Chaldean Priest King)

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

In the recent movie Prometheus directed and produced by the 'father of film' Ridley Scott we find many connections to literature and common themes that talk of 'creator gods' descending to Earth in the ancient world. There are also many other connections to symbolism that far extend beyond a typical ‘prequel’ and carries much validity to some of the themes relating to 'reality', not just 'science fiction'. The blog is in 2 parts and very long, so I would make a brew, if I were you.

As a prequel to the infamous Alien movies, the story commences in the distant past, when a spacecraft with an advanced humanoid alien species (Genetic Engineers) arrive on Earth. 
The alien engineer consumes a 'dark liquid', causing his body to disintegrate and fall into a nearby waterfall, hinting at the 'seeding of new life on Earth' symbolically. The essence of life in this way is ‘visually’ conveyed quite graphically as infectious ‘codes’ (the building blocks of life) passing though the blood and ‘DNA’ of all life on Earth. Later in the movie we witness the impact of the meddling scientists that go to the place of origin and enter an alien chamber on a distant moon (planet). 


The movie doesn't disappoint and covers many themes form lucid connections from pyramid structures, underground birthing chambers to alien reptilian species and the subtle symbolism found in endless other movies and literature, some of which I'll come to as I proceed.

(Part 1: Some Background)

Prometheus and the Race of Titans

Myths from all over the world talk of the 'gods', giants and titans both fighting and ruling over humanity, its actually quite common once you delve a little deeper into the subject. All over the world many ancient civilizations believed they were in communication with gods that came from the skies. The ‘Fall of mankind’ elaborated on through ancient records, art and myths, are also connected to these legends of ‘sky people’ coming down to Earth.

Ancient art and texts have always been a major source for depicting the 'sky gods'
The legend of Prometheus is one that tells of this Titan deciding that he would disobey the gods and make humans ‘gods' themselves.  Sounds like the Fallen one that religious folk talk about to me? According to Greek mythology Prometheus belonged to the old order of Gods (the Titans) and from the bloodline of ‘Iapetus (also a moon of Saturn) and Uranus, his legend tells of stealing fire from Zeus and giving it to humanity. The Fire Prometheus stole was said to be the very essence of life and this 'light', that is ‘life itself’ can be found in the Books of Genesis, Enoch, Ezekiel's visions, Sumerian tablets and Greek myths alike. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a ‘creator god’ and just like the Elohim in Genesis that were said to create Adam, his actions were considered both 'rebellious' and symbolic of the spirit of the fallen one! Lucifer is also noted as the ‘Bringer of Light’.

Left: Elohim Creating Adam by William Blake - note the influence of the Serpent.
The statue of Prometheus that stands outside the General Electric Building and overlooking the ice ring at the Rockefeller Center in New York, (crafted by the heavily connected Paul Howard Manship), epitomizes the 'elite' as ‘gods’ on Earth today! The Rockefellers, like the Rothschilds are families that ‘see themselves’ as ‘bloodline royalty’ connected the 'true gods' (the Biblical creators of humanity) as the movie Prometheus suggests. The General Electric building (below) also celebrates the Saturn ‘father of the Titans figure’ named Urizen by William Blake’s in his image of the same design called The Ancient of Days (below middle). This figure is also meant to be the Elohim, Yahweh or the Demiurge, the (plural not singular) gods that generally mean "producer" and eventually "creator". Atlas another Titan and the brother of Prometheus (below right) 
also gets a look in. 
The elite know all about our (and their) ‘beginnings’.

Gods Amongst the Ancients
The Maya of Central America say that an ‘advanced knowledge’ was handed down to them by the creatures of the plumed serpent, their saviour god Quetzalcoatl. This God (creature) was also called Balam-Quitze or the Jaguar who smiles. In Egypt the same was said of the their god Osiris (who I’ll come back to later) who could see great distances without having to move. According to the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the ancient Quiché and Maya of Mexico, the gods and or first humans:

“Were endowed with intelligence; they saw and instantly they could see far; they succeeded in seeing; they succeeded in knowing all that there is in the world.....Great was their wisdom; their sight reached to the forests, the rocks, the lakes, the seas, the mountains and the valleys.”

In Sumeria, Egypt and Central America the gods became known as 'civilisers' of the world and were worshipped for their ‘superhuman’ abilities. These gods were also said to have lived openly amongst the ancients before the Age of Cancer 10,800 to 3113 BC. After a ‘global’ catastrophic deluge, recorded in numerous civilisations, these gods then went underground into the catacombs that were said to stretch great distances across the Earth.

Right)The Nefilim (the giants) were said to be the offspring of the Gods
Through much art and oral tradition these gods are depicted as a serpent race, or the Itzamma (lizard) gods, that are said to preside over the ‘underworld’, the place of shelter during great catastrophic changes on the surface of the Earth. In Mayan art and sculpture the same gods are often shown as large serpents rearing up to spew forth their descendants, they became the kings that would rule the Earth surface population. The Sumerian clay tablets also show detailed descriptions of how what they call the Anunnaki gods interbreeding with human women to create a hybrid race, a fusion of human genes. Their offspring were known as the Nefilim, Rephiam, Emim and Anakim, a giant race, recorded in cave art all over the world.

The Viracochas
In ancient Inca tradition it is said that a mysterious race of beings called the Viracochas (below left) were said to have created the Nazca lines in Peru and they were also depicted as Caucasian (mainly bearded) `supergods’. Interestingly, when you look at the back of some of the mysterious sculptures of Easter Island, for example, there are carved faces of what look-like bearded humans.
Where these the artists?
The word Viracochas” is interpreted as the ‘White Masters from the skies’ who promised to return. When they would return is debatable but movies like Prometheus hint at a time far into the future? It was said that the Viracochas gave us astronomy, building skills, the celestial calendar and much besides to the Incas. They were said to have built the ancient ruins of Tiahuanacu (above right) in one day with a magic trumpet! I have been to Tiahanacu and it certainly has some amazing feats of stone masonry and architectural structures.
At Nazca lines in Peru (below) said to be created by the ancients through scoring away the top surface of the land to reveal a lighter subsurface, came form the Viracochas. Many drawings including a goddess like figure, a giant spider, a spider monkey and a humming bird, alongside images of other animals, birds, runways, zig-zags and spiral formations that were clearly meant to be seen from above. On surrounding hillsides many other strange humanoid ‘beings’ can be seen which are symbolic depictions of giants, creator gods and, according to some researchers, there could be actual earth diagrams of specific star constellations. Some of these images certainly look similar to constellations like Orion, Gemini and Cancer. The movie Prometheus hints at the visual connections to the Nazca lines (below) when the space ship Prometheus lands on the moon LV-223, we see landing strips and geometric runways leading to a massive dome like pyramid structure!

In other myths from around the world these Viracochas are the mysterious ‘martian gods’ that were credited with ushering in the long lost Golden Age through ‘performing miracles’ and teaching an ancient science that is now ‘supposedly’ long forgotten.

In many accounts the Viracocha were said to use a heavenly fire (the same fire that Prometheus stole maybe?) that could lift huge blocks of stone. Many mysterious feats were associated with these hero figures (gods) that were, according to some legends, said to have arrived via the planet Mars. Interestingly, the author David Talbott, identifies Mars as an early astronomical archetype of the warrior-hero, in both his glorious and his terrible aspects. The Aztec god Xipe (above right), almost mirrors through his deeply scarred face, the battle scarred surface of Mars.

All the attributes given to a mysterious Caucasian blue eyed, bearded gods of the prehistoric world were attributed to the many saviour gods that would emerge much later in places like Meso- America (Quetzacoatl), Phoenicia (Baal), Babylon (Thammuz) and Rome (Mithra) all of these 'Gods' were considered 'masters of time’. Time is also the embodiment of the Dwarf star Saturn and Saturn of course is the Dark Sun that the Elite secret societies worship. In North America, Blackfoot Teton myths also tell of ‘old man time’ who like the Mayan version of the Viracochas  called One Hunahpu (the pole God), traveled from South to North dreaming (creating) life ‘out of’ the ‘milky river’ (possibly the Milky Way).
One Hunahpu is the pole of the world axis - the celestial tree of life

His hero twin sons  of One Hunahpu (North and South) are symbolic of the 
electromagnetic life forces used in 'making a planet'. 

The stories of the gods were global, because the gods were global genetic engineers that traveled through space and time - well according to the movie that is.

Part 2: The Movie


The Alien Genetic Engineers in Ridley Scotts movie are 'giants' (below) and of course 'time travelers' and Scott's work would have been loosely inspired by ancient knowledge of the gods found all over the world. 
 Similar attributes were given to the Egyptian creator god Khnemu (below) who was said to
have ‘shaped’ the human form and given it life. I have pondered on the concept of a ‘genetically modified human species’ in recent years, hence the visual themes in some of my art. Maybe somewhere in our hollow Moon (one of Saturn’s satellites) was the laboratory of ‘Khnemu’, a place called 'Eden'. Maybe the Moon was the 'Ark' and the collection of ‘double of every species’ on Earth was where the ‘Adam and Eve' double helix was conceived? However, the more I look into the subjects of alien visitation (contained in such movies) and the connection between symbolism and mythological accounts, it seems that one strand of our original ancestors, 'the Neanderthals', disappeared abruptly. While their 'replacement' Homo sapiens seemed to flourish to become the dominant species. Was Homo sapien the work of advanced genetic engineers and did the same ‘engineers’ do ‘battle’ with a serpent race in the Garden of Earthly Delights?  I am sure there is a connection between the 'missing link' Neanderthals and what has been called Bigfoot.
Various depictions of Khnemu
Connecting the stars
In the movie Prometheus scientist discover a piece of cave art that hints at the notion that our 'creators' had been on Earth further back than other artifacts would suggest. Much research into cave art, by historians and neurobiologists also hint at the possibility that the human consciousness, (our prehistoric ancestors), went through immense neurological and biological changes around 40,000 years ago, which is around the time the Neanderthals' started to disappear. You could say that our human ancestors ‘brains’ were upgraded, (as if by magic), to facilitate what some scientists refer to as a 'higher-order consciousness'. In mythology and oral traditions spanning the globe this 'new found ability' of a 'new earth race' was described as the 'gods' giving knowledge to the first humans.

The film unfolds with the space ship Prometheus (in 2093) arriving in the orbit around LV-223, after passing a planet that looks like Saturn, hence the connection to Saturn's moon 'Prometheus' and the Moon that they eventually land on called LV-223. The reasoning behind the mission is as the head scientist Shaw states, the matching star maps found on various artifacts are an ‘invitation'. 

Dr Shaw at work on the spaceship
Me thinks its Saturn they went to?
In recent years strange cylindrical objects have been photographed in the rings of Saturn. 
What the hell are they? Are they ‘mother-ships’ full of Transformers doing a spot of repair to the artificial rings? There is much more to know about Saturn and how it is actually ‘effecting’ the reality of our world.
With the above in mind, and with the increase in 'trans-humanism' and cyborg technology, it was no shock that Scott chose to incorporate am 'android' within the plot.

  Notice the space ship Prometheus logo is a design that looks like Saturn on David’s suit.
In the movie his name is 'David' (Michael Fassbender) who stays awake at the pilot control to monitor their voyage. Later in the movie the android carries out his own sinister agenda, which hint at the dangers of trans-humanism, not least the abominations and genetic mutations that were caused by  'creator gods' possibly from the supposed time of Atlantis to the diabolical experiments inflicted on people by the Nazi's.
Interestingly the Android David reminded me of the similar themes in the British comedy Red Dwarf, written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. The android in Red Dwarf is called Kryten,  along with the last known human alive, Arnold Rimmer and a hologram of Lister's dead bunkmate who Kryten continues to attend to. The episodes were hilarious if you’ve not seen them, especially in the episode called appropriately DNA, when Kryten is briefly transformed into a human being.

Also the Red Dwarf logo (above) itself hints at a connection to 'Saturn' and as I have pointed out in other blogs, Saturn is a 'consciousness' that seems to symbolise the 'control grid' mechanism on Earth. It is also a ‘Dwarf Star’, (hence the name), which on reflection gives some credence to notion that some of its many moons could be planets? In recent years the Moon Phoebe, for example, according to NASA, was one of the early building blocks of the solar system, or planetesimals and formed much further out in the Solar System in the now known Kuiper Belt of icy bodies that lies beyond Neptune. No doubt Saturn's rings influence much more 'of our reality' (the Solar System) than NASA would have us believe.

Saturn depicted with a bridge to Earth in a Sci-Fi illustration by the 19th Century writer and artist Grandville.
In the movie, David’s command of ancient languages and his ability to read hieroglyphs (which are alien, please come on!), allows him to unlock the star maps coded by the race of alien Engineers.
On a more serious note, the connections to a technology obsessed ‘trans human agenda’ today could leave us all 'plugged' into a robotic reality. Holograms are being used more than ever, with Elvis due to make an appearance on stage in 2012, courtesy of Digital Domain.

David reading the star maps
  Titan's of Today
Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), the elderly founder and CEO of the Weyland Corporation, funds the creation of the scientific deep space research that becomes the Prometheus mission.
The Weyland corporation (in the movie) is everything that the ‘global elite’ are today. Peter Weyland in his TED speech says, “ We can create cybernetic individuals, we are the gods now…” 
He also says, “from the Titan Prometheus our first true piece of technology – fire”

The illuminati bloodlines are the kings of biotech, nano-technology and nuclear fusion and the movie hints at this through the very 'elite' Weyland Corporation. The elité are doing all of this now through genetic engineering of crops, DNA databases, test tube species, brave new worlds of mutant robotic life forms... You name it they're doing it... Today!

Let there be Light!
The constellation featured in the discoveries by the scientists in the early part of the movie seems to be very similar to the Flame Nebula in the Orion constellation. I am not saying it is, just an idea. The Flame Nebula has a bright star called  Alnitak (Ori), which is an emission nebula within the constellation Orion and makes the triple (Trinity) star system of Orion's belt. It is the easternmost star in the Belt of Orion and shines energetic ultraviolet light into the ‘Flame’ and this, according to scientists, knocks electrons away from the great clouds of ‘hydrogen gas’ that reside there. The connections between Jupiter (the dwarf star), Zeus, Osiris, Amun and Orion are a constant theme in mythology and this made me wonder if the ‘Titan’ Prometheus took the ‘fire of life’ (the knowledge to fuse life) from the Emission Nebula of Orion?

Orion is often depicted with a dog or dogs in much art and mythology and in the movie Prometheus, Peter Weyland (the now old trillionaire benefactor) is accompanied by his dog on the space ship to connect with his genetic masters from the ‘stars’.

Bottom Left) The star of the Crossing: Orion and his dogs from the Tigrane tombs 2ndC AD.
Bottom Middle) Peter Weyland as an aged 'space man' in the movie Prometheus
Right) An Italian Renaissance painting from the School of Lippi showing what appears to be a space craft (or black star), either way the guy and his dog (symbolic of the star searcher and hunter) are going to meet their 'makers'
Orion features heavily in myth and legend, not least global Aboriginal myths that talk of Creator Gods and it makes me wonder how much of the legends of the Titan Prometheus are connected to Orion? Ancient temples and beliefs, not least the Pyramids at Giza, also seem to correlate with the Orion star system. As do Zulu artifacts like the Necklace of Mysteries.

Fishy Star People
The focus on constellations such as Sirius, Pleiades and Arcturus can also be found in many ancient cultures and secret societies. According to the Dogon people, of Mali, for example, the beings that came from the star system Sirius were said to be amphibious or fishlike. Vishnu, one of the Indian trinity, was also said to be born of a fish (a solar fish god). And here again we have the knowledge of humanity’s ancient origins to the Tikaalik (a cross between a reptile and a fish) and its genetic connection to our DNA. Many of the ‘gods’ take on a serpent like form in ancient artwork.

Cecrops (below right) was the founder and the first king of Athens itself, though preceded in the region by the earth-born king (not one that came form the sea). The same legends tall of Athena’s ‘box’ that was said to contain either a snake coiled around an infant, or an infant that was half-man and half-serpent! And has Prometheus the movie eventually shows, there is a sea-serpent like creature embroiled in the plot.

Heads, Chambers and Shepherd Moons
Prometheus is not just a spaceship! It’s also an inner satellite of Saturn and a small moon that is extremely elongated and said to measure about 136 by 79 by 59 km. It has several ridges and valleys and a number of impact craters of about 20 km diameter are visible, but it is less cratered than the nearby moons named Pandora, Epimetheus and Janus (below middle)

Prometheus, Janus and Pandora are they hollow?
Interestingly, Janus is named after the two-faced Roman god and an Illuminati favorite.

 In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions (New Orders) and the god of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a ‘two-faced’ since he looks to the future and the past, just as we are conditioned to do so through belief.

Here you have a connection to doorways, hidden chambers and‘large heads’ found in much ancient art and literature. Not least in other movies and novels, see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Which also alludes to a 'snake' cult and a 'dark magic' used to bring an end to the world of 'Muggles' (humans) in JK Rowlings books. 
The pictures below 'visually' get the message across, even though there is no literal connection.

Voldemort - Janus and of course Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune (Titan) heads can be found in much elite bridges and buildings.
Of course in Ridely Scotts's films the Alien species is a hybrid ‘predator’ that is born of the combination of the alien genetic engineers (the Gods - in the movie Prometheus) and an albino reptilian species called the Hammerpedes (below left) that resemble the face huggers in Scott's earlier Alien movies. 

The one eyed symbolism comes up again and not least connects to the one eyed South Pole of Saturn… (trouser snakes also come to mind).

Both the Hammerpedes and what they give life to, have a connection to the serpent/fish-like Alien creatures found in ancient myths and portrayed effectively by the artist HR Giger, 
for Ridley Scott's movies. 

Giger's nightmarish, monochromatic artwork is so, so dark 'energetically' and capture that almost 'off world' demonic life force you'd expect to find on places like Saturn, or nearer to home in the Throne Room once all of the tourists have left the Vatican (right)!

Necronom IV, Giger's surrealist print that formed the basis for the Alien's design in the movie.
The Mayan lid and the Giger painting of the Space Jockey.
The interesting connections visually for me are that there seems to be a common theme of reptilian like aliens 'converging' with a humanoid alien-god species, possibly based on the legends of the Shem-Su-Hor and Viracocha in ancient texts. The one they call the Engineer or 'Space Jockey' (above right) in the movie Prometheus (especially when he is suited up) looks similar to the ancient imagery of 'Star men' on stella's found amongst the Mayans ruins. 
Are they coming back soon eh? 
Of course much of these 'connections' alluding to an advanced race, or ancient astronauts coming to Earth thousands of years ago were made very well known through the writings of Eric Von Daniken.

Secret Societies and the Marriage of Heaven and Earth (DNA)
In relation to the Prometheus ‘gene’ and the cabals that hoard this information on Earth, traces of Secret Societies can also be discovered among the ruins of many aboriginal cultures.

The Maya and Quichés of South America as well as the already mentioned Sumerian civilization are just a few. In his book, The Masters of Wisdom, J.G. Bennett also writes of how the Russian mystic, Gregori Gurdjieff, told him that the mystery schools went back at least 30,000 to 40,000 years and this, says Gurdjieff, he learnt from cave drawings in the Caucasus Mountains. From my own research and inspired artwork, I feel that many extraterrestrial races have seeded the genetic diversity we call life on Earth, not just one, (as in the movie Prometheus). Some of these creatures that were once the dominant species on Earth like the Dinosaur, must have been heavily involved in this process. To simply not mention them in the holy books, is a big giveaway.

The shamanic societies and secret societies are the 'keepers of the fire', or the knowledge that tells of humanity being an experiment of the gods. The Masonic symbol of the compass and square relates to this marriage of the gods, genetically with human DNA. The caduceus is another symbol that infers at the knowledge behind the creation of the double helix DNA.

T H Huxley’s X club of the 1880’s, which was an elite group of nine men (X men anyone) that believed that humanity had been ‘seeded on Earth’ by advanced beings from space, is another connection. The Huxley’s, Darwin’s and the Wedgwood families all interbred (like Royalty) to advance their ideas of a super human race and its connections to the stars.
And Sir Fred Hoyle the author of Life from Space said: "The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate mater is one to a number with 40,000 noughts after it.... It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor on any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence."

The book of Genesis states,

After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.
Genesis 3:24

'He' (the Gods), the 'alien genetic engineers' and the 'flaming sword' seems to be symbolic of the DNA as a 'light' (sabre), a "laser" and a 'receiver and transmitter' of frequency. It is also a symbolic code for 'do not go there', well unless you have the correct codes.

Also, A meteorite found in Antarctica in 1995 called CR2 Grave Nunataks 59229, according to Professor Sandra Pizzarello at the National Academy of Sciences,
shows that the building blocks of life likely came from space. 
Even Francis Crick understood that the human genome was not 'natural'
and must have been engineered.

Paul Davies writing in the New Scientist Magazine also suggested our DNA could be the answer to so-called extraterrestrial life forms. The article also went on to explain how one segment of DNA contained more than a million base pairs – He said, “enough for a decent-sized novel or potted history of a rise and fall of an alien civilisation.”

The rise and fall of ours more like?

Super Gods and the Children of the Great flood
It seems that alongside the myths and legends of the superhuman Caucasian gods there was another series of deities, which were worshipped and recorded as the 'Shining Ones' or the 'Watchers' mentioned in texts like the Book of Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The same gods were also known as the Anunnaki of Sumerian history and possibly there is a connection to the Nagar in Ancient India. According to the Aztecs a giant race was said to have lived on Earth at the time of the First Sun (Age),which was destroyed by water, leaving a 'new Earth' for the 'gods' to build their new civilisation. Science fiction novels and comics throughout over the past 150 years of course has been full of themes that connect ‘alien life’ with that of the legends of the flood. The two magazine covers for Startling Stories and Wonder Stories hint at such connections.

You could weave together a great movie plot just from this lot, never mind the Alien movies? 
It was said that a race of titans, giants and gods (the Prometheus lineage) of which records can be found all over the prehistoric world warned humanity of the coming Deluge. The alien engineer at the beginning of Prometheus falls into the water and generally this scene hinted at the 'beginning of the end for humanity’.

The so called 'New Age' is of course more about freeing the predator within. As above so below, as 'within' is also what's 'out there'.

The story of Deucalion and Pyrrha is the Greek version of Noah and the great flood. Warned by his father, Prometheus, Deucalion built an ark (a ship) to survive the coming flood that Zeus (the creator) was sending to punish mankind?

One of Jupiter's other 'punishments' was to send the Goddess 'Pandora' (a woman made in Heaven) for Prometheus's presumption in stealing his fire. Her name meant Pan (all) and dora (gifts) and Pandora's box and Emietheus jar of toxic 'plagues' is another theme that visually occurs throughout the movie Prometheus
In this case they are not a plague but an alien DNA that is intent on ending all life.
Here comes trouble!
When the ampoule-like artifacts 'leak' inside the alien chamber, the android David secretly returns an ampoule to the ship. From this cylinder he commences the mutation that eventually unleashes ‘Pandora's box’, which of course genetically helps to ‘spawn’ the 'Alien Predator' species. 

A creature that starts in the womb of the human woman, symbolic of Eve, (Dr Shaw) and eventually enters the body of the 'Alien Engineer' to become the ultimate ‘reptilian looking’ alien we all know and love.

An 'ample amount' of ampoules on board the alien craft ready to be sent back to Earth.

Do they get there? You'll have to watch the movie to find out....

 Next post will look at 'Energy Vampires', Ice Queens and the new Snow White movie.

“ Art is a half effaced recollection of a higher state from which we have fallen since the time of Eden”. Hildergard Von Bingen