Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The New Jersusalem

The symbol of the Cathar Parfait on the land that they believed to be the New Jerusalem
“…the new Jerusalem referred to in revelation, is actually a place within each and every divine living soul. This place is symbolic of the heart, the peace within and a wisdom that fosters respect for all life. With a heart so open and a foundation based on freedom for all, the façade of all ethnic, religious, cultural or political divisions amongst humanity fall away to reveal something greater; and what greater truth can there be than the love for each other?” - Neil Hague

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  1. dear sir. since a while im thinking about this thing you post.
    im able to understand english, but mani people in my country doesnt.
    I'd love to share thoughs like the one you write about.
    for now im just gathering info form internet and shara it on my most unknow blog...
    please take the time to answer me.