Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hunger 'Most Dangerous Games'

Okay, I've seen the Hunger 'Games'...Here's my quick review.
Well, I sat through 20 minutes of intelligence insulting commercials followed by trailers with "stating the obvious' movie titles (film titles are so, so shit today)... and then to the movie. A film that is (of course) awash with Saturnian symbols (not least the very title and script), Kronos would love those games. 12 children slaughtering each other, how satanic! There was even a 'Saturn black cube' in the centre of the Capitol city of "Pan"em. A story that tells of a dystopian future under a totalitarian authority divided into 12 districts (straight out of Agenda 21). 
A supposed futuristic country lying in the remains of the United States, where long ago there were '13' districts, but the 'districts' grew angry in their poverty at the wealth that the capitol of Panem. They revolted (naughty), but the Capitol responded with a brutal nuclear attack, destroying District 13 and rendering the other districts helpless, with no food or means of getting out of their Camp, sorry, district, unless chosen to die in the games. 
 Then there's the Lady Gaga like (above) TV selector of Tributes (children) and Donald Sutherlands character 'President Snow' the Saturn like mad professor (or Santa), who is obsessed with 'boxing' in (containing) any potential 'spark' of rebellion... and the whole concept of 'the most Dangerous Game' (hunting humans) comes straight out of the MK Ultra projects talked about by Cathy O'brien in her book - 'Tranceformation of America'. There is much more to be seen and said after a second view, but it is safe to say that films and books of this calibre (that reach the mass market arena) are packed with symbolism that speak of a cross between a 'Brave New World' and Lord of the Flies. 
Not the world I would like to see the future generations be subjected to, hence the reason why so many youngsters walked out of the screening in its first week.

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