Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Age - Old World Age (Cage)

“The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.” 
William Blake

Firstly I don't write this out of sour grapes or to point a finger at any individual, it was initially a funny idea that came out of a conversation in recent weeks.
In fact we all have a little bit of the following 'archetypes' passing through us all from time to time, its how we deal with our own shit as it comes up, or not at all, depending on how much we check ourselves. I saw a photo of a newspaper clipping titled " Ive been posting my letters in the dog poo box for years", and I thought well at least this poor guy has an excuse.

I've seen it all over the years!

As an artist who often struggles to keep a roof over his head, and with a handful of very appreciative and genuine supporters, to the most part, my art and work is often lost amongst the growing levels of aware folk, as opposed to the vast numbers that are 'switched off' in terms of digesting alternative info and the revelation that comes with an open mind and heart.

To what I call the sleep walking collective (consensus reality) anything "different" can have the similar effect of a 'rabbit or deer looking into the lights of an on coming car'.
Just as our Televisions', for example, have become the 'unofficial and artificial' member of the family in the average home, and if not 'turned off' can leave our minds mimicking those rabbits caught in the light. We need to make more of an effort to 'turn off' and tune into the sea of information that in truth cannot be boxed and neither has an 'official channel'.

 Tel--e-vision is the epitome of 'artificial intelligence, along with other technologies that seem to have a "presence" themselves.  With our own built in 'visual cerebral technology' that give artificial technologies life, we let them into our lives, just as we let people into our lives to altar or effect our perceptions. Who says artificial intelligence doesn't dictate our lives? Just like the 'TV People' in Poltergeist the movie, we can have other levels of 'intelligence' effecting our lives and shaping our thoughts. I swear I have even seen the eyes of 'entities' looking back through the cold plasma light on monitors and digital TV screens? Why would such states of being waste all that juicy energy that we give away to these machines? Everything is energy.

To many that are sleepwalking their way towards a global fascist state, the dreamworld is still very real, from Celebrity 'Get Me Out of Here' (Oh I wish), to the 'hive mind' invisible "hum" of day to day 'existence', 'consensus reality' can be compared to those moths that are drawn to the artificial light, too many are


and entrapped in the mind-body-physical world. Why would any average moth be interested in a distant 'faster than the speed of' approaching light, (a vibration that will outshine all electric lights), when the one right in front of the moth, is 'big' and 'blinding' and comes with plenty of 'tits and sport', or 'cute things' and 'mediocrity' in all of its forms. 

Like many that have started to awaken or have been "aware" from and early age, we know something is coming and we want to be ready for it. We are most definitely feeling the changes on Earth vibrationally, consciousness is calling. Others can see the 'tyranny' and NWO agenda very clearly, and still too many are sitting around waiting for the car to hit them.

Those that know me, also know I am never going to paint twee landscapes, realistic portraits, cute things, etc, even if we all in the midst of a depression financially and that there is no money around for such luxuries as art.. I am only interested in what I call the truth… A vibe, a state of being…it's Consciousness.

So, After spending the best part of 18 years working hard and trying to pursue the truth and freedom through my creativity, in recent months
something has dawned on me…

In my reflections over the years it seems there are several 'types' of 'mind-set' that crop up from within the 'alternative' 'scene'. And of course there are growing amounts of people that don't buy into the crap and the states of mind here… It is down to perceptions anyhow, but below are a few "concepts".

If you are offended by what you read here, then of course, the offense is taking place in your own head,  (none intended) but, in the mean time, I am sure you'll recognize a few 'archetypes'.

The Takers

These are generally a larger state of mind that expect "all information", no matter how much hard work over many years through art or writings, etc, should be 'free for them' to use and abuse where they see fit. In some ways they have bought the 'image' of "if it its spiritual it must be free for all", while still continuing to pay their own bills, complaining about their lot in life and generally still 'buying into' the phoney money-slave-debt system. Their motto is often, "what's in it for me" and "I am alright as long as I am alright". They give nothing, but don't like others uniquely contributing to their own truth with passion and sincerity.
They smell a rat if someone is genuinely trying to make a difference, when in fact it is often their own attitude to 'energy' that clouds their perception of that person/group that they are 'smelling out'.

In extreme cases they actually never support or 'buy anything' that is uniquely connected to the alternative information pot (even though many do), and they are the first to criticize or debunk your info, work, etc. This lot genuinely know something isn't quite right with the world, yet they can't unite or pull themselves away from the 'old order' enough, to be able to grasp that all energy is an exchange, it flows and it creates the very fabric of our life. 

At the very extreme end the 'Takers' are both human and non-human parasites, which at the highest end, are 'elite' psychopathic power structures.
If you want to change the very fabric of the world (energy) then I ask why mirror the 'Queen Bee", 
or the 'head parasite'? Why? Sadly too many still do and can't help it.

How does the saying go? " unto others what you would have done to yourselves"…

The Holier than Thou'ers

A lesser mind-set in terms of numbers, that often reminds me of a cross between the character called Victor Meldrew from the UK TV show 'One Foot in the Grave' and a bit of the self righteousness of Rush Limbaugh or Bill O' Reily in the USA.

Apart form the usual religious connotations this throws up and the obvious contradictions that 'religious folk' often have, the state of mind I am talking about here often dwell in an alternative outfit, or the media-cyber world, waiting to catch you out on the slightest of anomaly. Whether a 'symbol' in a painting or the odd mistake made online, they are desperate to point it out, or to impose "their contribution" to the alternative 'pot' and doing so spend vast amounts of time on Forums slagging others off (usually under a pseudonym). Some believe firmly that they are either superior in terms of 'knowing' whats going on, or at the higher end of the scales of delusion, they think they are the next Messiah. Many characters in this category combine well with the Mystic Flakes (below), and that combination can lead to some major levels of delusionment. I've seen speakers at some events even point fingers at the audience and blame them for not bringing about the Holier than thou'ers' personal revelation. I've read manuscripts and niche books that also carry the same 'tone', the same vibe. Whether they are talking to God or simply believing that others have to be 'fixed' is a huge statement about the individual thinking such notions.

In extreme cases this state of mind can bear a grudge just because 'you are being you'. They can be found at endless psychic fares, New Age events, even in the work place. In the early 90's I was once sitting atop Glastonbury Tor in the UK ( a mecca for new agers' back then), when a young man came and sat with me and my then girlfriend admiring the view. Within minutes of talking to us, he revealed who he really was… Wait for it, he was Jesus (his words exactly) and he had come to change the world… Yawn. Good luck with that.

I am not saying that some people don't genuinely go through what seems like a huge 'change' "vibrationally", they do. A Messiah complex (Christ consciousness as some call it) can emerge within all of us, as we anchor in a new vibration, but unless it is 'channeled' it can and does bring the best of us down to Earth with a thud.

The Corporate Bullshitters

A smaller group of 'alternative' info 'pushers' that are really only interested in making money out of the information itself. They don't really 'believe' in the 'passion behind seeking the 'truth' or the 'freedom' that comes with it, or the freedom for all, they are mainly driven by the 'act of parroting' others unique achievements, ideas, work, views and adapt their ideas like a chameleon to suit the 'sign of the times'. I am not saying that there aren't genuine folk 'out there' that are making a real difference, there are. But, so much of what I see in the 'alternative arena'
has been caught in a stagnant vibe, which is why numbers have dwindled in many
'multi-speaking events' in the past few years.
One positive aspect to this state of mind is that usually its easier to see the shallow supply of authenticity and energy behind the 'show' but hey, we all love a show don't we?

Academic Mind 'Waffles'

So much alternative info can be lost amongst the 'waffle' spoken by another small elite group of 'alternative thinkers' I call the 'Academic Mind Waffle brigade'.

This lot try to dazzle us with their profundity by complicating already simple concepts, such as "life", "Love" and "consciousness", by offering long winded answers to questions that could be answered in 2 minutes. They are the 'elevated' guru 'waffler teacher' trying to confound and impart wisdom to the student, by "waffling" their way through a seminar or interview. Their motto is "The truth will set you free, but first you must 'waffle' and have a guru."

This state of mind loves to build complicated answers to life's great mysteries. But, as anyone with a heart knows that great teachers make things simple.
Not easy to do, but the academic mind waffle complicate things 
and create a language of their own. Anyone got a translator please?
 When anyone goes on and on at length talking waffle, it only confuses, not clarifies. 

I personally love waffle in the US, especially for breakfast with fruit and a nice cup of coffee.
True clarity is concise, but why have true clarity if your going to create a 'guru and apprenticeship', 'master and servant' structure, just another cage for those that are operating at the level  of 'mind' and caught in the bright light of 'celebrity guru get me in there'!

The Mystic Flakes

"Spreading luv n lite"

I love these... Imagine a cross between the Dawn French character in Absolutely Fabulous and the  Mystic Meg type to get a mental grasp of this 'lovely minds set'. You only have to go to a New Age 'get together' to meet the Flakes. A mindset that would rather not look at what is really going on on in the world because it is 'too negative'. In most cases its not that it is too negative, when sharing any new ideas, work, etc, its the fact that this image or idea, 'threatens their belief system'', and the immediate response is to not 'want to go there'…

I've lost count at the amount of times my work has been rejected within the so called alternative arena, because the content of the work has "offended" the mind-set. You can understand anyone who 'thinks' that there is nothing wrong with the world - the status quo, seeing such ideas and work, as 'mad'… But as for the Hare, Moon, Dragon, Pagan, Earth Mound, Crystal dangling, truth seekers, being offended by a stranger concept; Well, they haven't moved on much beyond the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy beliefs given to children. Child -like naivety abounds in this arena. 

I am the Messiah, no I am the Messiah....

At the extreme end of the Mystic 'Flaky' scale, they like to spread 'love and light', like confetti being thrown at a wedding, yet that 'love and light' soon diminishes to quite the opposite when you 'illustrate' their endless contradictions, in a nice and social manner. The contradiction of 'spreading love and light' energetically in an inherently dark reality, makes sense, as long as you know where the 'darkness is. But like a child that won't go upstairs because their is a monster on the landing, this lot are filling the bottom of the stairs with enough confetti to bury themselves up to their eyeballs.
I've been running up the stairs full pelt since I knew there was something in the shadows. And usually true love (light) goes straight into dark places to deal with what is causing the monster to exist. It wants the 'truth' out!

The Axemen (and women) With a "Cross" to bear

With the passion of a Religious fundamentalist and the knowledge of the UK comedy Character Alan Partridge of the alternative arena; these too spend an awful lot of hours making videos, rants and blogs for their 'fans'. Only in recent years have I seen this state of mind raise its profile. These are the big debunkers that are often so blinded by their own beliefs, (usually a mainstream religious one), that they can't possibly have a balanced view when it comes to what is really going on in our world! At the extreme end of this scale they will do anything to attract attention to themselves, no matter how 'far out' their claims are. 

Gimmie that Axe... I've got to cut them down to size...
I 've got to show the internet world that he's a fraud.

Ultimately they are "babes in arms", little boys (usually male) that would run a mile if they really had to deal with the scale of the 'monster' in the shadows. Its much easier to turn on those that are trying to make a difference rather than look in the mirror and deal with the ego 
as it moves in and out of form in front of our eyes.

At the other end of this scale, the Axemen state of mind believes firmly that they have found the 'all knowing' and 'missing info' that will "expose" whoever they have set their targets on. Usually their revelations are based on massive inaccuracies (why would they bother to talk to those they want to expose), but they don't care, they'll keep on digging a hole for 
themselves and building amour around their ego to justify their stance.

Of course there a more I could say or observe, but the reason for writing the above is not to accuse any individual or blame this group mindset or state of being... We are all one! But to simply say that I personally have had enough of the monumental 'time wasters', 'the delusional' and too often 'the ego maniacs' within this ever growing collection of awakened individuals. 

Another observation is that the above in some areas often have had a sense of humor by pass too! 
If they were to sit back briefly and view their focus from another vantage point, they would see that its all a game of noisy Bollox, a MIND GAME designed to keep us all disconnected form 'each other'… A game I am not playing or 'being invited to play' these days.

So, who wants to create a new game-reality?
Lets come together before it all too late.


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  1. Interesting.
    There are always those among us who see The Big Picture and embrace life because they simply decide WHY NOT! And there are the many brilliant people who struggle, their Light under a barrel due to Fate of Circumstance. And now with so many people tied in literally instant communication... we can never know enough and we often feel lonely as THE CROWD cannot be a friend or a fellow traveler on the road... but simply THE OTHER. More People = More Lonely...because not enough Time. Funny huh!
    Incredible technology lets us see the world....the universe...the subatomic levels as if we were God. THEN WHAT?
    We are bombarded by Information that does not give us knowledge because it is not EXPERIENCED...not relatable.
    The animals are way smarter - they excel as individuals in the vastly diverse commune of Planet Earth. They accept and embrace their Fate... their Place...and do not carry the selfish burden of materialism beyond use. Over and over people who die and are brought back to life say there is not much difference in these two states of BEing.
    That is something to ponder on for sure... to try to REMEMBER who we really are. And I believe it is pretty magnificent. And not like what's on the tube.
    What happens when you Stop Watching and Start BEing Real??
    FEAR IS the Mind-killer.
    Is ignorance Bliss?
    Merrily...Merrily.. Merrily....Life is but a Dream!