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Cancelling the Apocalypse - Creating Beasts to fight the ‘Beast'

Pacific Rim is an American science fiction film directed by Guillermo del Toro, who gave us movies such as Hell Boy and Pan's Labyrinth, to name but a few. Being a bit of a kid myself and of course being a child of the 70's brought up on a steady diet of movies and cartoons littered with opposing forces, I had to see this one! Its another 'colossal' article, I got carried away as usual.

At the time of writing I am in France sitting alongside the River Seine, one of the many ancient rivers that have legends connected to mythological creatures emerging out of rivers and lakes to haunt humanity (a common theme across the globe). In France the gargouille (known as Garguiem), not to be confused with gargoyle, was allegedly a water-spouting dragon (more like a serpent dragon, because of its long snake like body) that was said to have appeared in the Seine River in France at the time of St Romanus of Rouen. It was said to terrorize boats and flood the land. The same creature appears in China called a Kiau, which is of course very similar to the Japanese Kaiju in scores of legends, literature and films.

Despite the myths (too many to go into here), there are of course many large real living sea creatures from Squids to the oarfish, the latter of which has a snake-like body and can grow up to almost 10m long. From this perspective the movie Pacific Rim is not unique in terms of its themes, but the film glaringly places 'in your face' symbolism, much of which I have written about on this blog time and time again. Some of which I'll come to shortly.

The Not So Unique Plot
The film is supposedly set in the 2020s, when Earth is coming under constant attack by Kaijus, which is a Japanese word that literally translates to "strange creature". However, the word Kaiju has been universally translated into English as "monster" or "giant monster" and refers to unnatural creatures of immense size featured in science fiction films, lets say a kind of speciality from Japan. In Pacific Rim, these colossal reptilian ‘often shark-like’ monsters have emerged from an inter-dimensional portal on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. No you didn't read that wrong. 

The movie goes beyond your classic Godzilla meets King Kong movies, as it places us in a possible 'ancient future' for Earth, and even if it’s merely symbolic, the imagery is very telling in my view. 
The period in which the film is supposedly set is 2020 through to 2050, which from my research is an important window of time for those that seek to control humanity.

Hobgoblins help create a World Government
The film begins in 2013. Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, a fissure opens up, that leads to another dimension. Through the fissure, a giant reptilian like monster appears, and destroys portions of San Francisco. After many days and countless lives lost, the creature is defeated.
The arrival of the inter dimensional Kaijus, which I'll come back to shortly, cause a stir. Well they would wouldn't they? In response to these creatures humanity unites under a common "fear" to form a world government and world army (but not just any ordinary army) a robot army called the Jaeger Program. 
The symbol for this global authority, not least it's war machine arm is symbolised as a phoenix or 'winged crest', which for anyone who has studied symbolism will know, refers to the winged entity that 'rises and presides' over a 'new world'. The Gypsy Danger robot as part of the the Jaeger Program blueprint depicts the winged emblem below left.
The same symbolism is used in the Hunger Games motif and that movie of course is straight out of the Agenda 21 future direction for humanity, the loss of land and the imposition of draconian laws by an elite over a massive peasant class (caste). In relation to a 'threat' by an aggressive force alien or otherwise, H.L.Mencken (1918) wrote;
“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
I think you could safely say that 'being alarmed' would be an understatement if a giant Godzilla creature set out to depopulate London or any other city.

The phoenix or eagle also relates symbolically to the new order of Gods and in this case, these gods have gone into battle with the titans, the Kaijus'. 
The winged disc or sword with wings is also a classic ancient Saturn symbol and relates to the now gaseous giant as the Lord of the Rings, ruling over a golden era on a very different Earth. The more I look at Saturn symbolism, the more I see a ‘thought form’ (wave form), a vibration that permeates the collective thinking of humanity. For more ancient information I can recommend the Saturn Myth by David Talbot and of course David Icke's new book The Perception Deception due out this Autumn. I would suggest however that the Father God is also Saturn (the shining crescent), which was often depicted as a ‘boat or ship’ in ancient symbolism.

Colossus, Titans and Gods
I’ve said before in other articles, what 'could emerge' from the sea will be used to ‘bring about’ a New World Order. Not least the obsession with World War by those that worship the 'beast' in all of its forms. The so-called inspired script for a future scenario, otherwise known as the book of Revelation, also gives us a flavor of the type of "beasts" that 'could' emerge from the sea.  So does the movie Battleship. Hollywood is forever tempting our minds eye with what is actually possible and what kind of war machines could be used against humanity in a not so distant future war.
Gives a whole new definition to the Beast in the book of Revelation?

The beast in Revelation refers to two beasts, the first beast is said to come "out of the sea" and the second, from out of the Earth. The first is said to be given authority and power by the dragon (Revelation 11:7) and comes out of the abyss. This beast’s appearance is described in detail in Revelation and in my view relates to the 'totality' of the New World Order and what political-war machine will be used to 'try' and bring it about. 

The Beast that comes from the sea also bears a name, but this name is not given anywhere in the book of Revelation. Typical eh? However, the text goes on to say that ‘his name’ corresponds to a numerical value, that of the number 666 associated with that of a man. The "mark of the beast" can be identified by either the beast's written name (vibration), or the numerical value of his name (vibration) and of course its says: “Without this identification, one could not buy or sell.” We all know on one level this relates to the human micro-chipping agenda, exposed by various authors and researchers, but numerologically 666 also relates to Saturn’s square (see below). The Square of Saturn which makes up the Seal of Solomon equates to 666 when calculated both horizontally and vertically. It doesn’t take much effort in imagination to see that Saturn equates to 'Satan' and therefore the 'Fallen Sun' (winged angel) in religious texts.

The second beast is said to come from "out of the earth" and this ‘entity’ directs all peoples of the Earth to worship the first beast - the ‘body’ that becomes the 'World Government', in my view, due to the great war and fear that comes with the beast. The second beast is described in Revelation 13:11-18 as the 'false prophet', this person/government/ authority preaches for a new world order. I’ll leave that one for you to ponder on? The two beasts in Christian belief are aligned with the great deceiver, the dragon, the devil as such. The ‘new human’, or the ‘trans-human-GMO-micro-chipped human', under the rule of the ‘beast’ would certainly be not like any other ‘man’. One text accredited to Marduk the Babylonian father deity in his role as the creator of a the new human reads; “I shall bring into existence a robot; his name shall be Man.”
The robot in this sense is the possessed human form – a human that is more machine than human.

 Titans, Sink Holes and Krakens
In ancient legends we have Colossus and the Kraken in Greek mythology that are representations of the Titans (the gods) of the underworld. Quite often the underworld was associated with the depths of space, or the ocean of space. Saturn of course being the Titan supreme who fought his son Jupiter in the epic clash of the titans (battle of the planets), birthed many other legends. see my other articles for more information.
The Kraken came from the myths or sagas of Norse folk lore, more than a thousand years after the Greeks. A legendary creature, the Kraken resembled a giant squid and was known for destroying ships. Its tremendous size and power aligned it with the 'titans' and in myth and legends he was often referred to as the last of the Titans. In Norwegian folklore the Kracken seems to have been very real and talked about by fisherman from the 16th Century as a monster that came out of the sea. From Leviathan to the Lochness monster, and from the Nomo found in the creation myths of the Dogon of Mali, to the sea serpents and 'mermen' found in endless other legends, there is a constant theme of creatures emerging form the sea and battles between good and evil.

The giant plug holes in the ocean along the Bahama banks (that go down beyond 2800 feet in depth) are very telling in terms of the unknown factor found in ancient legends, not least current movies. 
The Great Blue Hole near Ambergris Caye, Belize.
 The holes could have been caused by meteor or asteroid strikes, others though erosion called the karst processes, but as I keep saying, I would 'watch' the ocean and the connection to the 'inner Earth' very closely in the years to come.

Colossus of Rhodes (above middle) according to a several ancient accounts, describe the statue structure as being built with iron tie bars to which brass plates were fixed to form its skin. You could say it was a primitive attempt at building Jaeger to scare off invaders... The interior of the effigy, was said to have stood on a 15 meter (50 foot) high white marble pedestal near the Mandraki harbor entrance. Other sources place the Colossus on a breakwater in the harbor and the statue itself was over 30 meters (98.4 ft) tall. 

Interestingly, 'Colossus' was the name for the world's first electronic programmable digital computers. The Colossus computers were used by British codebreakers during World War II to help in the cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher.
Colossus - a 'beast' of a computer...
Decrypts of messages enciphered with the Enigma machines revealed that the Germans called one of their wireless teleprinter transmission systems "Sägefisch" (sawfish), which led British cryptographers to refer to encrypted German teleprinter traffic as "Fish"? 

Of course there are no solid connections, but some of the Kaiju in the movie visually look like hammer head sharks and giant fish for sure. The amount of movies over the decades that portray the ‘depths’ of the sea as having a monster, (or machine) lurking, seems to be common. The 'fear of the depths of the ocean' I am sure are partly due to genetic memories of not only creatures, but cataclysmic events that have wiped humanity out before.
 Of course, the Pacific was not always 'just Sea' or an ocean. We only have to look at what has been found off the coast of Japan at the sunken ancient city of Yonaguni. (and other places), to realise that the topography of the Earth was very different in a prehistory that is now denied by officialdom.

I am not saying that ‘colossal reptilians’ or monsters are coming to our world today (well they have in the past of course), I am more interested in the 'themes in legends' and 'myths' that talk of the devastators and forces that move between worlds. The movie Avengers Assemble also offers similar themes of reptilian aliens invading Earth through a portal, or bridge, to wreak havoc. The machines in the Matrix, to the Decepticons in the Transformers movies, all are themes that hint at past and future world events – if you can stretch your imagination far enough?

Worlds Within Worlds
As mainstream science shows us we only perceive a fraction of the universe and based on that ‘tiny fraction’ we forge our beliefs and assumptions of what is real and not real.
According to some scientists, the electromagnetic spectrum makes up only 0.005 percent of what exists in the universe as mass/matter. Visible light, the only frequency range that we can see, is a fraction even of that 0.005 percent. We only see something when light is reflected from it and anything that does not reflect light is invisible to us even though it may ‘exist’.

To try and explain further the more scientific concepts behind what are often described as ‘unseen worlds’ (the invisible), we would need to picture ourselves thousands of feet in the air, looking down on a major city at night.

We can see hundreds and thousands of tiny lights, orange, white, some red, scattered throughout this city (above left). From this perspective we would only ‘see’ the luminous parts of the city and therefore take that to be the only recognisable life forms in existence. However, hidden away behind the lighted rooms, in the shadows a hive of activity is going on. Even in the darker areas of the city, in the sewers and cellars, other life moves around, which from a ‘city at night’ perspective would seem ridiculous, unless we had visited those parts of the city (right) and ‘seen’ these living creatures for ourselves - "with our own eyes'.

Just as science as moved nearer to accepting the existence of undetected particles, through what we understand as quantum physics, we know that other life dwells in the darker areas of the city, moving and living, unseen to the naked eye from our perspective. If the city in this analogy was symbolic of our reality, the ‘five senses’ (our physical world), then what else dwells undetected in the shadows or on the darker (depths) frequencies (matter) within our universe? How many other cities (worlds) also exist beyond the walls of the one we think know so well? The human imagination, houses many forms, which are not easily recognised through ordinary ‘five sense perception’, and it is our perception that can blind us to seeing all possibility. This doesn’t mean that these forms do not exist! As an ‘image maker’, as with other artists, seeing what we call fairies, angels, gnomes, unicorns, little people and now what is referred to as ‘aliens’,(even monsters) are not only part of our dreams, but are elements of a complex human reality, diffused in lots of worlds mini (cities). These strange and fabulous creatures do not exist to the consensus reality dominated by the five senses, but for the psychic, visionary or dreamer who sees with the imagination, they are visible forms.
The electromagnetic field that we call glass or crystal allows light to pass through, but the electromagnetic field that we call a wall absorbs some visible light and reflects the rest – thus when we are enclosed by walls with no windows we are in darkness – the ‘absence of visible light’.
'In-between world entities' feed off the fear and pain of those in adjacent worlds.
The movie White Noise a supernatural thriller film also offers some visual insights into how otherworldly entities are using frequencies to communicate and interact with our world. Poltergeist was another film that used similar imagery too. The term "white noise" refers to a statistical model for signals and signal sources, rather than to any specific signal. In other words the 'white noise' a 'white noise signal' is used to communicate and traverse between realities. According to some scientists the concept can be defined also for signals spread over more complicated domains, such as a sphere or a torus (a time loop). The 'bridge' that the Kaiju creatures travel through into the 'Pacific Rim' is a 'wormhole' and even mainstream science, the likes of Hawkins, Kaku and Thorne all agree that these are possible through something called the Casimir effect. The Kaiju in the movie Pacific Rim seem to 'dwell' at the entrance of a star gate or worm hole that clearly shows an ‘all-seeing eye’ looking into the bridge between both worlds?

Monsters out of 'nowhere'.
The writer Nelson Bond, who was a pioneer in early science fiction and fantasy, tried to imagine what it would be like to encounter a 'predator' (monster) from another dimension in his book The Monster from Nowhere. The hero in Bond's novel, Birch Patterson, (a solider of fortune), goes off into the jungles of Latin America to capture wild animals for various zoos.

Nelson Bond
Like the movie Predator, instead he encounters a fantastical animal that can move between different dimensions. Capturing it and bringing it back to New York eventually leads to mayhem and destruction. Nelson's book is a likely source of inspiration for Pacific Rim just as it was for the original King Kong and Godzilla themed movies.

Monsters out of Nowhere! No need for fiction
Interestingly, the beasts that appeared in the smoke and fire over New York on that ill fated day, because of the attacks on the Twin Towers, look like inter-dimensional monsters and seem demonic in appearance. The forces that devastate our world also ‘form a bridge’ (as portrayed in Pacific Rim), so to feed off the event that birthed them.
In the movie, the Kaiju are shown to be clones of another species and there arrival on Earth is a military like strategy, (one that is realised by two scientists in the movie plot). The Kaiju’s are implementing intelligently and by clear design, a take over of the Earth!

The recent Monsters Inc movie (Monsters University or MU) once again hints at themes that relate to otherworldly beings that live on a parallel world and feed off the ‘fear and trauma’ they cause in the human world. The plot is based around the all-seeing eye "Mike" Wazowski as a student at MU who is training to become a "scarer", entering the human world to scare children at night and harvesting their screams as energy to power the monster world. Of course its all just 'movie land' and there are no monsters??? The abbreviation of Monster Univeristy 'MU' reminded me instantly of 'Mu' the Motherland, or Lemuria, which was said to be located in the geographical region now called the Pacific rim.

As I said earlier, the Pacific (like the Atlantic) was not always all ocean, and whatever was happening on the land in terms of magic, temples and rituals, would have involved portals into other worlds. Oh yes!  Strange beings found in folk-lore (the elves, trolls and fairies) who are said to dwell both in the astral/etheric world and the ‘underworld’ (inside the Earth) and the ‘underworld’ above the Earth, crop up in endless legends. The Maya called these inter-dimensional entities the Lords of Xiballba, the rulers of the underworld – the lower fourth dimension. The same demonic entiites (states of awareness) would go on to take over the mystery schools that had originated out of the 'pre-historic' global civilizations of Atlantis And Lemuria (above).
The Kaiju Dinosaur Terror Alert
The Kaiju are categorized in the movie as Category 1 to 5 depending on size and capability to devastate Earth’s cities – one being small and five been very high in its ability to cause maximum damage to humanity. Some of the Kaiju are also ‘radioactive’ creatures that have the ability to knock out all power, which happens in the film. The Japanese ability to ‘attract’ radioactive/nuclear disasters is almost 'otherworldly', not to mention the terrible tsunami phenomena located within the wider Pacific rim area too.
Upping the terror threat from little lizard to humongous lizard!
The Kaiju are obviously inspired by humanities 'alpha predators' like sharks and dinosaurs. Some of the Kaiju even look similar to other movie monsters, the Rancorn monster from George Lucas’s Return of the Jedi movie, is one example. However, the ‘Runcorn monster’, which only surfaces after 17 pints of beer from the depths of the Cheshire craggs is something else completely... only joking Runcorn in the UK!
The author Michael Mott in his book Caverns, cauldrons and Concealed Creatures, puts forward the idea that the word 'dinosaur', according to biblical scholars, is encoded with the word ‘asteroid’ or ‘the great Tanin (which means monster or dragon)’. Mott quotes the research of Michael Drosnin, who with a team of Israeli scholars had come to the conclusion that the ‘code’ for Asteroid and Dinosaur where interchangeable, and that the Fall in Genesis, was a reference to the 'fall of the Dragons' (dinsosaurs), the 'first creatures' due to a physical act of destruction. In the movie Pacific Rim, the Porthole form where these monsters arrive through is also 'destroyed' and therefore these monsters where ‘cast out’ so to speak...
 Building Beasts to fight Beasts
To combat the monsters, humanity unites to create the Jaegers (pronounced like "Yeager"), which are gigantic humanoid robots. The themes here are straight out of the 'trans-humanist agenda', which is to 'merge' machines with the human brain.
The human computer interface is a DARRPA agenda and the film makes no excuses for mentioning this (even mentions DARRPA in the script near the beginning of the film.
DARRPA has openly said that it is seeking to genetically and technologically enhance troops (create fighting sub-human robots with no compassion, empathy or ability for free thought). The Jaegers are 'colossal' exo-skeleton creatures, powered by the human mind merge. 

Fresh out of DARPA's blueprint draw, if only?
The robot agenda I am sure is well in advance of the tiny amounts of information, videos and photographs that is allowed to appear in public, and when you consider what even Japan and Asia in general are capable of building in terms of technology, then I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a fully completed giant Humanoid robot hidden in a James Bond like base somewhere.  The constant themes of human-robot merging is at epidemic proportions in films and books because, as I’ve been saying for years, if its in the movies, its coming to our reality. With this in mind and in keeping with the movie, I wasn't surprised to read in one internet article that U.S. government researchers (in other words DARPA) are choosing Sparton Electronics of De Leon Springs, Fla., to develop 'conceptual designs' of a 'future system' with, wait for it,  the potential to launch a wave of distracting light strobes, blinding lasers, electronic warfare jammers, or other kinds of 'non-lethal weapons' that pop up to the ocean's surface without warning in the middle of an adversary's naval battle group. See the whole article here. Like I say, what kind of movie awaits humanity next?
Do you think Dr Octopus was a bit of a 'give away?'
Merging the hemispheres of the Brain
As the movie unfolds it shows how the original tests to have one pilot per Jaeger proves unsuccessful, as the test subjects were not able to handle the stress and strain. It was then decided that each Jaeger would be piloted by two fighters, linking together in a Drift sequence synchronizing their movements to pilot these massive machines.
Dual pilots controlling the Jaeger gives a whole new understanding to being in the belly of the 'beast'.
In the movie two pilots have to 'merge their neurological pathways' so to be able to control the robot fighting machine. The pilot’s minds are joined by a neural bridge, which seems like a clever portrait of the merging of the left and right brain. The merging is referred to as a 'drifting' in the film and to do this both partners have to empty their memories and dwell in the 'now' (below). This is straight from DARPA-funded research, which has developed a technique called‚ 'mind-meld'‚ which can connect brains into one multiple-functioning unit and transfer thoughts and perceptions between them. 
DARPA blurring the lines between the movie and, er... the other movie.
Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Britain‚ University of Reading, said: “If a machine is passing down signals that keep you completely happy, then why not be part of the Matrix?” No thanks Mr Warwick! This is exactly what is happening in the mind meld-drift scenes in the movie. It’s in other films too. Neo in the Matrix movies also symbolically 'merges with the machine hive mind' behind the matrix, to cancel out the rouge agent programme called Smith (below). Professor Warwick has made numerous appearances in the media after being micro-chipped and he promotes this and other trans-humanist ambitions as the means for human progress.
Don't anyone tell me that movies are 'just movies'. They are more than just a movies, besides the predictive programming, films of this calibre are telling the masses what is on the cards for the not so distant future. DARRPA mind meld technology also has the potential to be downloaded into robot technology to give them artificial intelligence and the US military is already talking of these robots being given the ability to make their own decisions about who to kill and when... This lot are really lovely people, as you can see.

Back to the movie plot
Seven years after the fissure opened up, one of the more famous Jaeger duos, is Raleigh Beckett (Charlie Hunnam), and his older brother, Yancy (Diego Klattenhoff). Pilots of the Jaeger named "Gypsy Danger," they are sent off to stop a Kaiju heading towards Anchorage. Though the information on their monitors shows a fishing boat in the path of the attack, the Becketts are told to protect Anchorage. Even so, they disobey orders, and still save the fishing boat, but end up being brutally attacked by the Kaiju, which rips off the Jaeger's left arm, and tears away a chunk of the vehicle's helmet, sending Yancy to his death
After the attack, Raleigh leaves the Jaeger Program, and goes to find work wherever he can. Years later, he finds work along the Western coast of the United States, helping build a giant wall that is meant to keep the Kaiju creatures out.

Building the Great Wall
Though the Jaegers are effective, the Kaiju attacks grow more frequent and powerful. Humanity's World Government discontinue the Jaeger project and resort to building massive coastal walls to protect humanity from the Kaijus. Call it the ‘Great Wall of China, Adrian's Wall – Israeli wall of separation – blueprint’ if you like.
In the seven years since Raleigh was with the original Jaeger program, numerous countries under the 'new world authority' have called for the program to be terminated. Many assume that building the walls will make them safe, but the head of the program named Stacker Pentecost (above), claims that the World's Leaders are making a terrible mistake. Even though Pentecost claims the program is still viable, it is relocated to Hong Kong, and given eight months of funding, before the program will be retired.
The four remaining Jaegers are redeployed to Hong Kong to defend the unfortified coastline until the wall is completed in that region. General Stacker Pentecost (played by Idris Elba), commander of the Jaeger forces, devises a plan to end the war by using a nuclear warhead to destroy the portal. The beast loves radiation you see! His speech is a classic one;

"Today at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time. We have chosen to believe in each other. Today we face the monsters that are at our door, today we are cancelling the apocalypse!"

Even the religious connection to the 'Pentecost' isn't wasted, with the symbolic connection to the coming together of nations and the the helper or redeemer aiding those that needed 'saving'. In the movie Pentecost approaches retired pilot Raleigh Becket (Hunnam) and convinces him to return and pilot Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger he and his brother Yancy once piloted before the wall was built.
Arriving at Hong Kong, Raleigh is paired with potential co-pilots to find one with a strong connection, as the stronger the connection, the better their performance in battle. Sensing a strong connection, Raleigh demands to be partnered with Mako Mori (above left).
Pentecost opposes, as Mako is his adoptive daughter, but he eventually relents because of her skill and connection to Raleigh. Howver, the duo's initial test run nearly ends in disaster when Mako gets caught up in a childhood memory of a Kaiju attack, which inadvertently activates and nearly discharges Gipsy Danger's weapons while inside the hangar.
I found this childhood scene (above) typical of a del Toro movie, which involves a traumatised child running from a Kaiju that is in pursuit of her. As Toro is alleged to have said in connection to his movies;
"I have a sort of a fetish for insects, clockwork, monsters, dark places, and unborn things,"
Sounds lovely. His fetish is evident in his movie Mimic, where at times all are combined in long, brooding shots of dark, cluttered, muddy chaotic spaces. Pans Labyrinth (below) is even more telling, with its child eating, horned inter-dimensional creatures. I wonder if Toro knows about the Archons eh?

The Jaegers Assemble
Pentecost also introduces Raleigh to two scientists under their command while in Hong Kong. One of them named Dr Newton Geiszler (played by Charlie Day), is an obsessive 'Kaiju Fanboy', who studies the creatures through salvaged organs and other parts.
Dr Newton Geiszler
The other scientist is Dr Gottlieb (Burn Gorman), who is a more 'practical' man, and is using his mathematical skills to try and pinpoint the frequency of creatures coming through the ocean rift. Within the Shatterdome, the last remaining Jaegers and their crews have been assembled: The Crimson Typhoon (from China), Cherno Alpha (from the Ukraine), Striker Eureka (fresh from its stint in Australia), and (to Raleigh's surprise) The Gypsy Danger.
Transformers without a robot mind
A twist in the plot arrives when Dr Geiszler decides to drift with the kaiju brain to understand more about their attackers.
The experience nearly kills him, but he discovers the Kaijus are not wild beasts, but engineered weapons fighting at the behest of a race of alien conquerors. Just with the many ancient texts and myths that talk about the Arcons, Jinn, etc, this inter dimensional force is seeking to devastate and take over the Earth by using others (ghosts in the machine) if you like, to prepare the way. The Transformers movie Trilogy offer similar themes too, with their obsession for the All-spark, reducing the Earth to the level of a 'nuclear dead zone', so to bring Cybertron to Earth (Hell on Earth).
Geiszler also realises through his obsession with the kaijus that the Dinosaurs’ were an ancestor of the kaijus and their earlier attempt to introduce themselves to Earth thousands of years ago failed due to atmospheric compatibility. Changing Earth’s atmosphere is also a theme I’ve come across in other movies, and I am certain that this is part of a wider agenda in our reality. According to the mind merge performed by the scientist. The Kaijus' were waiting to invade once their 'colossal creatures' had done their damage, being first through the bridge into our world. 
 There is a ‘radiation agenda’ and it seems that the planet has purposely become a ‘nuclear junkie’ courtesy of the crazies (in power) that have given us power stations, telemasts and of course the global wifi technologies. 
Welcome to the Wifi World
Just look at these pictures to confirm that Cybertron is almost here. Electromagnetism has increased massively in such a short period with literally no tests or scrutiny of the effects of this type of 'pollution' to our bodies. A document by the former Radiological Protection Board said that the radiation environment has increased by many millions of times in just 50 years and that increase is getting faster every day. Welcome to the Archon-Kaiju-alien planet people!

Attack on Hong Kong
As predicted two Category 4 Kaijus surface near Hong Kong. Pentecost sends out the Crimson Typhoon (China) and the Cherno Alpha (Russia) to fight the creatures, with Striker Eureka (Australia) to protect the City's coastline. Just as discussion had seemed to point to the Kaiju becoming more dangerous, the two that have emerged come with extra accoutrements. One contains a pouch containing acid, that melts away at the Typhoon's armor, before they are eventually destroyed. Cherno Alpha's crew take her into the fight, but she is soon overwhelmed by the two monsters also.
China's Typhon and Russia's Cherno (no link to Chernobyl I am sure?)
Australia's new refugee 'refusal program' - only kidding.
The Father/Son team piloting Striker Eureka abandon their orders to protect Hong Kong, and go for the Kaiju when Typhon and Cherno are defeated. However, one of the Kaiju lets loose a EMP burst, that disables Striker Eureka, and the equipment in the Shatterdome headquarters.
With two hours til' the system can be rebooted, Striker Eureka is ‘dead in the water’ (above) until Raleigh gives a solution to the EMP blasts: though the newer models of Jaeger are digital, the Gypsy Danger is older and 'analog' and able to with stand the EMP blast from the radocative Kaiju. 
General Pentecost sends out Raleigh and Mako, who end up destroying the EMP-bursting Kaiju, due to their mind 'connection' (the DARRPA mind meld technology), but the other one ends up heading into Hong Kong.

The battle goes through many scenes, (if you like that kind of action) but takes a turn when the Kaiju suddenly sprouts wings, and begins to carry the Gypsy Danger out of the atmosphere. There is an amazing scene at this point that includes a shot of the Moon as the Kaiju flies towards it. A subtle link to the Moon being a Kaiju base maybe? Utilizing the Jaeger's chain-sword, this dynamic duo and manage to destroy it, before plummeting back to Earth.

The End Battle
The scientist Gottlieb predicts that mathematically, the number of Kaiju coming up through the rift is increasing and Geiszler meanwhile, wonders if they can learn more about the Kaiju, if they are able to 'Drift' with its brain again. Having a portion of one, he is eager to test his theory, With Pentecost's approval, he seeks out an infamous black market Mafia style leader called Hannibal Chau (played by Ron Perlman below), a major figure in the trafficking of Kaiju parts, in an attempt to procure an intact Kaiju brain to repeat the experiment.
The movie takes a twist when Chau deduces that the Kaijus are searching Hong Kong for the scientist Geiszler, whose actions have attracted their attention from his previous mind merge with the Kaiju brain. After Gipsy Danger kills both Kaijus, Chau and his team move in to harvest body parts. Geiszler realizes one of the Kaijus is pregnant and the newborn bursts from its mother and swallows Chau before dying.
Geiszler and his Hermann Gottlieb (above) perform a dual merge with the baby Kaiju's intact brain and learn the portal will only open for a Kaiju. In other words it is their unique signature that opens the portal into our world.

Destroying the Portal
Plans are soon made to set up the Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka Jaegers to deliver a Warhead to the ocean rift, but due to the son of Striker Alpha's team having sustained an injury to his arm, a replacement must be found. Pentecost surprises everyone when he takes the role.
Its that Darth Vader-Robo-Cop 'Saturn' look again.
As the two Jaegers approach the rift, Geiszler and Gottlieb rush into the Shatterdome's control room, and explain that the plan will not work. The channel between dimensions will only allow in a Kaiju. If they attempt to drop the warhead into the channel, it'll just deflect out.
Gypsy Danger and Striker Eureka Jaegers
The two remaining Jaegers assemble to execute their plan to destroy the portal with a nuclear weapon. Pentecost is forced to detonate it early, killing himself to destroy the powerful Kaijus that are guarding the underwater portal.

This act allows Raleigh and Mako to seize another Kaiju (through Gipsy Danger) and use it to enter the portal.
As they 'fall' into the Abyss and with oxygen running low, Raleigh ejects Mako to safety and initiates the nuclear reactor's overload sequence, then ejects himself. 
Gipsy Danger's nuclear core detonates, laying waste to the alien conquerors and collapsing the portal.

Mako and Raleigh's escape pods surface safely in the Pacific, and like a scene from any typical Bond movie the duo embrace as rescue helicopters come to their aid.

A happy ending, bless em… phew, I don't think I can watch another robot reptilian film for at least another galactic cycle...

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  1. Nice article Neil, I personally love Del Toro's work so I will be watching this for sure. Nice Insight on the different symbolism in the movie, I'll be sure to look out for it when i watch it ^^

  2. I just this film this past week as well and was thinking the exact same thing, especially with respect to that parasitic race of aliens who want to lay Earth to waste and use these monsters to do it. I didn't care to much about the action and fighting sequences, I was more intrigued to know about where these Kaiju came from and why.
    To those of us who read David Icke's work and are familiar with it, the symbolism isn't lost. At all.

  3. Hi Neil,

    What I like about your movie critiques is that you go beyond the actor/actress performance and graphics. You link it to previous movies and symbols throughout history. One thing that I really like about your commentaries is the link with the environmental problems we are currently experiencing somewhat complacently. Here, you mention about the electromagnetic atmosphere we are immersed in with nowhere to escape! Unless you go high up in the mountains or deep under the oceans and caves! But, we are all dependent now on the wifi, how can we avoid it?

    Thank you for all your research and passion!