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Man of ‘Saturn’, Man of El - son of the Gods

I think it's drawing on all mythology; comic book, religion, ancient, philosophical.
Zack Snyder

I recently watched the latest edition of the age old Superman story ‘Man of Steel’ and wasn’t surprised to encounter themes that relate to world domination and the take-over of Earth by an outside force that yet again is looking to rescue its own source of power, its ‘own world’ by trashing another planet, in this case our home - Earth. It’s the largest article I've posted to date, so I’d make a cup of tea (and a snack), because we are going off planet and back again.

First a brief history
The original story of Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both from Jewish migrant families, tells of an alien child (a god) born to Earth from a distant planet called Krypton. In fact the original ideas for the story were more about the ‘reign of the Superman’ from the comic The Advance Guard of Future Civilization #3, a fanzine published by Siegel in 1933 (below). No connection to the German Nazi obsession for ‘the Supermen’ I am sure? Of course long before Superman was a comic book concept, the 'arch black magician' Aleister Crowley was writing about ‘Supermen’ in 1917 in his work Moon Child. Just like Superman, Crowley seemed to get all over the world at the turn of the 20th Centruy. The character Lex Luthor (played by Kevin Spacey) in the not yet released Man of Steel 2 looks a bit Crowley-like. Maybe the fact and the ficition have merged somewhere here? More on that another time.
The Magician, genius, arch villain, scientist and of course interested in the Superman
According to the story Superman, or Kal-El, was born on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist/Leader father Jor-El, (more on EL later) moments before Krypton's destruction. The latest depiction of Jor–El (played by the actor Russell Crowe) and Krypton’s high council are visually symbolic of the Ruling El-ite that we find on ancient Earth, from Sumeria to Egypt and beyond. The regalia and thrones of the High elders of Krypton are no doubt inspired by the imagery and history of the ancient El-ite bloodlines on Earth.
Krypton and the Genesis Chamber

The film starts on the Planet Krypton, where Lara LorVan, the wife of Jor-El (Ayelet Zurer) has just given birth to a son. She and her husband have birthed their son naturally, in violation of the basic laws of the planet, where babies are to be bred through genetic engineering with a planetary 'Codex' that imprints just what a person's place in life is to be (leader, scientist, general, etc). Mmm, sounds like they wrote the script for a future Earth? Similar themes can be found in the Matrix movie where machines harvest humans as an energy source and how humanity is kept in illusion – the Matrix. Here we have the connections to the obsession in our world with genetic purity, trans-humanism and the Brave New World’ theme that speaks of an El-ite’s desire to take over planet Earth (humanity). The gas Krypton comes form the Greek word ‘Kryptos’ meaning ‘the hidden one’ and I am sure this is significant in terms of the symbolism and science relating to Earth's atmosphere and how it is ‘being changed’ today. It’s not just in the movies you know? I’ll come back to this is later.
The Genesis chamber and the embryonic pods in the Matrix movies (same symbolism) and speaks of 'machines' that create life forms to suit the' machine mind'.
After the birth of his son, Jor-El appears before the Kryptonian Leaders, pleading with them to allow him to save the planet's Codex, and to search beyond Krypton for their survival. However, even with destruction imminent, the council will not abandon its ways. They sound like our ‘Councils’ and governments on Earth, wait a minute.., maybe our ‘rulers’ get their instructions from Krypton ? The truth is stranger then Science Fiction eh?
General Zod
In the movie the council is set upon by General Zod (above), played by Michael Shannon, intending to take control of the planet. Though Jor-El does agree the Council's decisions are not right, he refuses to join Zod's coup. Zod orders Jor-El to be arrested, but Jor-El escapes fleeing to the planet's birthing chamber. The thought of any baby being ‘popped in a pod’ an rocketed to another planet is quite grotesque in my view, but on Earth we have some very odd baby carrying vehicles which are on show to the public at the El-ite mansion of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in England. A Saturn-like snake push chair and the Planet Krypton-like sledge, which of course would have been pulled by the ‘Nanny’ goat. You can’t make this stuff up.
Nothing like giving the right impression from a young age.
  After stealing the Codex from the chamber, Jor-El races back to his home, where his wife Lara has found a planet to send their baby to. Though Lara is sad at the loss of their child, Jor-El claims he will live his life in a new way: free of the limitations imposed by Kryptonians. Their son, Kal-El will be able to choose his way in life. As they prepare to launch the pod containing their Kal-El, Zod and his crew enter their residence, demanding that Jor-El hand over the Genesis Codex. Jor-El claims it is in the pod with his son. Zod and Jor-El fight, before Jor-El is killed. In the fight, Lara engages the pod's engines, and it shoots into the sky as the planet Krypton breaks apart.

Krypton is destroyed
 Angered that Jor-El and his wife have doomed the Kryptonian race with the removal of the Codex, Zod orders his followers to shoot down the pod. However, his orders are suddenly cancelled when Kryptonian security ships appear, arresting them to face charges of treason. As punishment, General Zod and his followers are banished to ‘The Phantom Zone’, a non-physical prison, for their attempted coup.
What a nice bloke...
 The Phantom Zone
 The Phantom zone is symbolic of the ‘in between worlds’ talked about by many shamanic cultures and is the source of reference for what various religions call the ‘demons’,  Jinn or the Archons. Interestingly, the original 1980’s Superman 2 movie showed Zod and his commanders encased in a phantom ‘Square’, but in Man of Steel they are encased in ice with both versions combined to suggest that they have been ‘held in a freeze vibration’ just beyond the ‘solid’ 3 Dimensional world. Both fire and ice symbolism can be attributed to the Archons and the many ‘trickster gods’ found in ancient mythology. Loki is but one example. See my Avengers Assemble article.
Gnostic Thought
The Gnostics referred to the physical 5 sense world as ‘nous’ and made a clear distinction between that and ‘pneuma’, the eternal spirit or what can be called Consciousness (Awareness). The Gnostics also had a very different and far more accurate view of Judeo-Christianity, which they were persecuted for throughout history - see the Cathars in 12th Century France for one example. In short, Gnostics said that the way to escape illusory reality was through self-realisation secured through Gnosis, or hidden spiritual knowledge. The Gnostics also talked about the Bythos or ‘Void’, the ‘primal ground’ that existed before our world was created. I would suggest that the reference to the Phantom zone in the Superman story relates to an aspect of the Gnostic teachings of Bythos and the 'worlds within worlds.'

A Star is Born on Earth
Many worlds away, the Krypton Genesis pod carrying Kal-El rockets into Earth's atmosphere, like a comet and touching down near Smallville, Kansas.  Here we see in all versions of the story the symbolic theme of the arrival of a god (the son of El) coming to Earth. 
Raised by human parents and adopted by a Kansas farmer his Earth father Jonathan Kent (played by Kevin Costner) and his wife, the child is raised as Clark Kent. Imbued with a strong moral compass and it is quite clear that the movie attempts to reinforce Christian themes if not least visually. To the trained eye Superman appears as a Jesus figure ‘arrested’ by Pilates (America’s ‘Roman’ military) and brought before the powers that be as the saviour-figure he is destined to be.

Jor-El and the Inner Chamber of 6

In the original Superman movies Jor-El (and the inner council chamber) is a monument to the planet Saturn, which is clear when we look deeper at the symbolism. In the original 80’s movies (Superman and Superman 2) Jor-El played by Marlon Brando is depicted as a physical representation for the God of Occult Law – Saturn. He wears black robes, making him a vessel for Saturn, like the 'judges and courts on Earth'. I think the ‘S’ gives it a way though eh? More on that shortly...
Jor-El The 'Godfather' off planet  – S is for Saturn!
In the original film, the six phantom judges are projected aspects of Jor-El and they could also represent the six pointed star and the hexagon found at Saturn’s North pole. The Star of David of course comes out of the hexagon and 6-sided polygon. 
One of Saturn's Symbols
 The 3 traitors (a shadow trinity) in both the 80’s film and the recent Man of Steel are caught up in the dual rings which encircle them as they move up and down, forming the ‘rings’ (Ring-not-pass) - another Saturn symbol
ELEl-ite – Elohim 
The noun El according to scholars was found at the top of a list of Gods as the "Ancient of Gods" or the "Father of all Gods", in the ruins of the royal archive of the Ebla civilization, in the archaeological site of Tell Mardikh in Syria dated to 2300 BC. The bull was also symbolic of  Ēl and his son Baʻal Hadad and both wore bull horns on their headdress. Ba'al of course was another Jesus figure that predated Christianty, whoops.
Ēl is listed at the head of many pantheons and was the father God among the Canaanites.
El is also the Elohim the creator of Adam in the biblical Genesis, hence the connection to the ‘Genesis chamber’ in the Superman story, and according to researchers the Elohim are the race of gods, or ‘God’ in the Hebrew Bible. El is also the Demiurge and the 'Father God' (God Father) that is obviously a reference to the ‘entity’ we call Saturn. See David Icke's latest books for more information.
The Lord Archon - the Architect
In Gnostic texts the Archons serve the ‘Demiurge’ who is a fake ‘god’ that created our ‘physical’ or material reality as we perceive it. The Demiurge is also known in the Gnostic texts as the ‘Lord Archon’ and they quote him as saying: ‘Come let us create a man according to the image of God and according to our likeness.’ The Hebrew Saturn god El and his biblical Elohim are the Gnostic Lord Archon/Demiurge and Archons under another name. He (always an he) appears in the Matrix movie as the Architect of the Matrix (see above). The English artist and writer William Blake depicts the Demiurge in the late 18th Century as the white haired-bearded Saturn god called, The Ancient of Days - Urizen (above middle). He is the classic image of God (white beard on a cloud). Both the creators of Superman and the Matrix movies, I would suggest were heavily inspired by the Hebrew belief in EL and the (Elohim) all of which relate to the worship of Saturn. The source from where we get Sabbath, Saturn-day and Sion, to show but a few examples. 
Archon Zod, Borgs, Jinn and Saturn’s Armies
I wasn’t shocked to see Zod and his commanders depicted as they were in the movie, all clad in black armor. The use of the black skull-like masks and Scarab-like metallic costumes and the space ships that look like the Scarab beetles are clearly connected to ancient creation myths. Zod's space craft look like giant Beetles in the movie, just as the Sentinels in the Matrix movies looked like giant insects. The Scarab was considered a creator god for the ancient Egyptians, a symbol of life force, the sun, the Earth (rolling the ball of earth) and of ‘Hope’. The Sun the Scarab holds I would suggest is the old Sun – Saturn (see David Talbot’s book The Saturn Myth). The Scarab can be connected to the Titan Aristaios, who according to myth was the only giant not slain in the wars between the gods and the titans and was therefore turned into a dung beetle by Gaia (Earth) for his protection from the wrath of the Olympians. Connected to this is the knowledge that a shard is a tough sheath or covering, such as a shell, scale, or plate, or the “elytron” or outer wing covering of a beetle.
Saturn Scarab - the black army
  The ‘Shard’ is the ‘all spark’ hunted by the decepticons’ in the Transformers movies. What do we now have in London (Baby-london) – we have the Shard (a little bit of Krypton on Earth). The S in the Superman movie according to Jor-El is said to stand for ‘Hope’ and this fits with the symbolism of the Scarab creator god too. I’ll come to the letter S shortly.  
A shard of Krypton

 The Darth Vader character from Starwars and the many other renditions of this ’dark’ Saturn-like force has been hinted at in Norman Bergrun’s Youtube interviews and book The Ring Makers of Saturn, who at one point Bergrun mentions ‘tall ‘jet black’ beings that were supposed to have been seen walking off a ship by witnesses in the 60’s. Who knows? I am not saying that there are actually aliens that look like Vader or Zod, but what I am saying, is that there are certainly ‘entities’ that feed off the lack of empathy, compassion and the evil acts that are expressed through these ‘characters’.

Darth Zod
 Ibn Taymiyyah (1263–1328), the renowned Islamic scholar, described the Archon/Jinn as ‘ignorant, untruthful, oppressive and treacherous’, although common Islamic belief is that they can have various states of being. He said that the Jinn engage in manipulative ‘magic’ and orchestrate events and misinformation at riruals. The Jinn/Archons or demons are the age old deceivers and destroyers of worlds by feeding off the energy of that planet. You could also say that Saturn’s little helpers are everywhere!
Some of Saturn's little helpers - "we 'looove' black and Zod and Darth Vader and Beetles." 

 Is that Dave Lee Travis behind the guy with the cross? (I am showing my age now)? I'd go to their church just for the Jedi Sun-day school training. Anyway, Back to the symbolism and the movie...
S’ is for Saturn, Serpent, Sion and Superman
In the film Clark finds a suit with the letter 'S' on its chest inside a Krypton ship embed in the ancient ice at the Arctic. He also finds out that the crest on the suit (and on the Code (shard) key he has had since arriving on Earth is a symbol of hope and the symbol of his true family. Jor-El appears holographically and explains to Kal-El that the planet's sun has made him stronger, and has been helping him manifest powers for some time. Hearing this, Clark (Kal-El) begins to push his powers: first taking flying leaps, before eventually being able to fly. He is becoming ‘Superman’.
Saturn's number and letter

The Chatsworth House (El-ite Devonshire's crest)

 The S is also a symbol of the 'ouroboros' as a figure of ‘8’. The ouroboros is symbolic of the 'edge' of our reality, the encircled world that Gnostics' said humanity passed through to reach beyond physical death - into eternity. Besides the obvious it represents both power over ‘time’ and the place beyond death and physicality in occult terms. There are similarities with the Ying and Yang symbol too and more occult examples of the balance of twin forces. S in Greek is a 'sigma' and can be found in the letter San written as (M), and with the letter M we see connections to the Sigil of Saturn, the Merovingian bloodlines and the compass in Freemasonry (below). Interestingly the Sigil (the spirit of Saturn) were the lines intersect create the distorted square where the Kryptons (Zod) are trapped in the phantom zone. Superman is also Sionman and the ultimate ‘Saturn’ man that fell to Earth.
Sigma and Sigil
 Superman cannot die, he is immortal (on Earth) and it is the Earth's Sun that enhances his strength, again symbolic of the son (sun) of EL and how electromagnetism and radiation are used or sourced for their survival. The Transformers movie (The Rise of the Fallen) also hints at the alien decepticons destroying the Earth’s Sun, taking it's energy source that will turn Earth into a dead zone. Machines with no conscious especially form another world seem to do this a lot in the movies? 
Symbols of the Demiurge and the union of dual forces
The serpent needs the Sun too to warm its serpent cold blood and 'Superman' of course is the flying Serpent-Sun God, the saviour who returns to lead Earth to a new world. Saturn or Cronos has also been linked to Satanism, and the worship of Lucifer (Helios), when it merged with Solar - Venus Cults. The ‘eye’ and the ‘Lemiscate' symbol (on the jacket above) can be linked to Saturn. As David Talbot writes about Saturn:
“It is well known that in Greek thought the serpentine Chronos, representing the boundary of the primeval cosmos  (sun-god's enclosure),forms the path of the ship of Helios, whom we have discovered to be Saturn. An early prototype of this imagery is surely Babylonian symbolism, in which the ship of the gods sails on a circular "ocean" described as both a serpent and a rope and represented pictographically as the band of the enclosed sun. In the "interior" of this surrounding stream or ocean is said to shine the planet god Saturn”

Origins of the Mysterious Red and Blue
Battles between opposing heroes can be found in all of the world myths, through to the duals between comic book super heroes of the Twentieth Century. Some of these ancient battles relate to direct fighting between royal families and the many decedents (bloodlines) that claim kinship to the gods. The battle between Zod and Kal-El relate to this in Man of Steel. The Mahibharata of India is a classic example of an epic conflict between feuding royal families and in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet we have similar examples of warring opposites. The Ulster Cycle of Celtic Ireland, which involves superhero figures and their attempt to steal a ‘prize bull’ and El of course relates to the Bull in mythology, too many to mention here. Many of the themes within these narratives relate to the royal lineage (the El-ite) of the gods on Earth and the bickering between the ‘blue blood’ families too.
In the creation myths and migration records of the Toltecs of Central America, there is reference to  opposing colours of a mysterious red and blue spring - a source. According to the Toltec these red and blue symbols, (a circle and square spiral), relate to their warrior god Huitzilopochtli (another Superman below right). The red and blue colour symbolism relates to the meeting place between Heaven and Earth (or sky and land) and every temple was considered to be a central place of focus for these dual powers. Many dual deities, especially in the Americas and Asia were often depicted with a blue or red skin colour and this also relates to the opposing forces of sky and Earth, good and evil. The choice of red and blue for the ‘light sabers’ in the Starwars movies also relate to this symbolism I am sure. Mr Lucas must know all this. Interestingly, Krypton has an important role in production and usage of the ‘krypton fluoride laser’ used in the nuclear fusion energy research in confinement experiments. The laser has a high beam uniformity, short wavelength, and the ability to modify the spot size to track - in other words it would make a nice light saber.

 The same colour codes are used in the Matrix movie, for the pills (red or blue) that lead Neo into another version of reality. This is no coincidence and the directors of the Matrix movies seem to be accessing a hidden knowledge that speaks of the ‘time of change’ and the fulfilling of the prophecies at this time. Blue was often symbolic of the male cosmic force (magic from the stars) and red related to the feminine blood of the Earth. The red cape and ’red’ in general is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, anger, socialism and communism, and in China and many other cultures, with happiness. It’s is also associated with the ‘stars’ and Saturn and it’s not so surprising when we see red and blue (and black) used in political icons, the music/film industry (red carpets) and logos. Red is used for the costume of the Super hero called Saturn Girl during the Silver Age of comics, when Earth is a member of the ‘United Planets’ and home to its military branch, the Science Police.  Sounds like the World Police force to me..?
Two Saturn girls greet each other (middle).
Where does lady Gaga come from again eh? Interestingly the word ‘Ga-ga’ (not the Lady bless her) was said to be of the ancient Canaanite bloodlines in the days before King Solomon, the same Canaanite's that gave Jerusalem the ill fated Queen of Jerusalem - ‘Jezebel’. The mind boggles.
While I am looking at Saturn, both the Warner Brothers and DC Comics logo seem to suggest Saturn symbolism too, with the rings encircling the body of the logos. I think the Sci-Fi logo says it all really. 

Sci-Fi = Saturn
 Back to the Movie
As the movie unfolds, we are shown snippets of the young Clark Kent struggling with his super human abilities and how he hides them from his friends, as advised by his Earth father. His senses are bombarded at one point where we see ‘through his eyes’ showing humanity and his environment as purely ‘non-physical’, skeletal and of course X-ray like
When Clark demands of his Father to know what's 'wrong with him', Jonathan shows his son the pod he came to Earth in, along with a strange metallic item that was found with him. Jonathan claims he had a metallurgist examine it, but it is comprised of elements not found on Earth. Imprinted on the small fragment of metal is a shield-like shape containing an "S" (see above).
Now a man (Superman) moving from  job to job, rescues workers at a flaming oil rig and ends up discovering where a mysterious space craft has been found in the ice of the Arctic, thousands of years old.. There is more to know about what is hidden in the Arctic and the North Pole in relation to off world technologies I am sure. Eventually Clark meets Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and the film rolls on. 
Preparing to reveal his identity
What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater? Jor-El

The man cometh
Meanwhile, Clark has piloted the spaceship to another remote location in the Arctic. It turns out the figure he was following is a hologram of his Father Jor-El, who is appearing via a code key inserted into the ship. Jor-El explains the history of the planet Krypton and that the ship Clark found was a sentry ship sent out many years before, when the the council of Krypton had attempted to colonize other planets. When the two El’s (Kal and Jor ) meet through coded memory we are seeing religious symbolism of ‘father and son’, Jupiter and Saturn, etc…Only the Holy Spirit is missing, well, see the S on his shirt.
Father and son
The Return of Zod - the Destroyer

 No matter how violent, every action I take is for the greater good of my people.
General Zod

The military receive word of a strange ship in geosynchronous orbit around Earth. Soon, others report the strange sighting, but are surprised when power is cut off to all parts of the world, and a message is broadcast from General Zod demanding that the people of Earth hand over Kal-El within 24 hours, or there will be consequences. A worldwide manhunt is initiated to find this Kal-El and as I showed earlier Superman hands himself in Jesus style, because he knows that Zod will not leave Earth in peace, but he is also wondering if he should trust humanity too. His decision is made when a Pastor tells Clark that sometimes one must take a leap of faith, yet more ‘religious’ programming and off he goes to be Superman.

A black craft appears to bring Kal-El to Zod's ship. The craft is commanded by Faora-Ul (Antje Traue) (below), who also demands of General Swanwick (Harry Lennix), that Lois also be taken with them. Its Neo and trinity, Iron Man and Pepper Potts, all over again.
Lios plays a huge roll in the plot
 On board the ship, Zod welcomes Kal (Clark), who few moments later collapses to the floor of the ship. Clark's body is simply adjusting to the Kryptonian atmosphere aboard the ship.
Zod over Metropilis
  Clark (Kal-El) passes out, and finds himself in a dreamlike vision drowning in skulls and Zod explains to Clark that after the destruction of Krypton, the portal to the Phantom Zone where they were trapped, was opened again.

The demons came through the portal so to speak, and in our reality, the same has been shown to happen when worlds collide. Utilizing the portal's Phantom Drive, they were able to transport themselves all across the galaxy. Searching out the various planets which colonizing ships were sent, their searches for a new planet proved unfruitful, as each of the colonists sent to these various planets were found to have perished. However, Zod and his crew took what they could from the remnants of their civilization, including a "World-Building" machine. Zod claims that he intends to turn Earth into a New Krypton, but Clark (Superman) is unwilling to go along with this plan and the massive battle for Earth ensues.
The battle for Earth
 The World Builders
 As the battle unfolds the Kryptons lead by Zod unleash the massive ‘world builders’ (engines) that begin a magnetic onslaught of the planet. Positioned over New York (metropolis and India) they begin to use the electromagnetic field of the Earth to change the atmosphere of the planet causing nuclear devastation as they do.
World Builders - engines of destruction
 What is clear to me is that a force that controls our world is also ‘changing our world’ and its atmosphere for its own agenda. What many researchers have pointed out in recent years is that the Archon vibration (the Krypton reality), or the archon state of being, I touched on earlier, are the age old gods, demons that have possessed those that have trashed our planet through war, indsusty and technology. The same force is using a new wave of technology from smart grids, to radiation through Wi-Fi, from GMO monoculture (Big Biotech) to mass toxicity, and they are altering the blue print of our world (our DNA). Okay there are no ‘world builders' hovering (not yet), but the effects of these insane El-ite are devastating our world. Why is our world changing? Maybe the El-ite are preparing it for their gods? Remember that Krypton is (from the Greek:kryptos) and means "the hidden one", and even though Krypton is inert for most practical purposes as a chemical (gas) in our world, its the chemicals that are pouring down on us and that are in our food and water we need to be concerened about. Only aliens would pollute everything we eat, drink and breathe. See chemtrails, fluoride in water and aspartame poisoning for starters.
Krypton Cities before its destruction
  As I touched on before the Archons were described by the Gnostic texts as inorganic and what we call robotic and computer-like. What we are seeing unfold on Earth today is the Archon mind and their El-ite bloodlines destroying the organic and genetic variety of the Earth - making it ever more like their own mono-reality. Just look at the urban sprawls of Earth form Brazil to China and you can see the Archon-dead zones that remind me of the imagery of the fictional Krypton (above).
From South America to Asia - Krypton cities on Earth with or without Zod's influence
In the movie Krypton is being brought to Earth, even if it means totally killing off humanity. Just as the Decepticons in the Transformers movies (another expression of the Archon mind) are bringing their planet Cybertron to Earth, they too will not stop at culling humanity for their own cause. 
The common themes here are no different to the extremities of how ‘our weather’ has been used as a weapon too thanks to technology called HARRP based in Alaska; and of course not least how this connects to the Agenda 21 vision for a very different Earth - one with less people on it. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a major vehicle for the implementation of Agenda 21 by driving people from the landJust look at what the El-lite (through commerce, business, politics and industry) have done to a once living organic Earth with their chemical factories, nuclear power stations, road systems, waste disposal, plastics and sprawling cities of concrete and tarmac. The beautiful Earth is being turned into the land of the Archons – the land of the Kryptonites.
The madness of Zod as he reigns down destruction on Earth
In the film Zod's vision was ‘Krypton on Earth’ or Hell on Earth from humanity’s perspective - a dead Zone - a radiated planet. Or a blank canvas, so to speak, to build that NEW WORLD ORDER.

Thank goodness it’s just a movie..?

In the end the ‘Man of Steel’ meets up to his name by flying into the heart of the machine (Neo in the Matrix style) up through the electromagnetic force field destroying one of the World Builder ships. This in turn destroys its twin that is fixed above Metropolis (all is connected through energy). The ‘churning’ of the electromagnetic field is altered and the devastation that comes to and end before its too late – thanks to Superman - the god-alien with a conscious, because he is part human I suppose.
See you next time


  1. Hi Neil,

    There is a wealth of information here! It seems you liked the concept of Super
    beings, as you wrote about it in detail with incredible images too.

    I used to watch the series Smallville, which touched more supernatural phenomena
    at the beginning to more romantic scenes later.

    Thank you for researching all this bringing history and environmental issues
    alight under one umbrella. The invisible demons (chemicals) that are altering our blueprint (DNA) are also a big concern for me.

    Keep up with the interesting critiques of fiction and reality.

    Best wishes,


  2. So well written Neil. I have been very convinced that these issues you write about are very accurate. Keep it coming!

  3. "German superman"?

    You should research Winston Churchill.
    Brilliant in his diabolical BLACK PSYOPS.
    Churchill stopped at NOTHING to get his way,to bring in the U.S. and other countries AGAINST Germany.

    Hitler NEVER wanted to breed in supermen, there is NOT a shred of documentation or evidence for this.

    What Hitler saw, is the terrible danger of the Communists taking over Germany. He was seeing the horrors going on in the USSR. Fact is, Germany had been the first target of Marx, but it got to Russia first.

    Before and after Hitler was elected, the Communists were agitating, to bring down the German gov., and unfortunately, the Trade Unionists had been taken over by the Communists, and these, happened to be jews...straight from the USSR.
    This is the same way it had happened in Russia, with the take over of the Unions there, the protests, the riots, etc.

    Hitler put up with these until 1939, when he started rounding these protesters, the vagrants, into prison camps and put them to work.

    This is what the matter is all about.

    The Germans simply wanted to keep the jews apart!

  4. And talking about German "supermen."

    There is NOTHING the Germans allegedly did, that was not already being done n the U.S.
    The Americans /Canadians already practiced separation of the Races- the Indians & Blacks.

    The Whites were giving diseases to the "Inferior" Races- syphilis to the Blacks, & Tuberculosis to Indian Children.

    The WHites wre already beating "the inferior" races down.

    The Whites were already FORCING Population Control among the Inferiors" and sterilizing them.

    What is this about the German wanting to create Supermen?

    But it's easy to point fingers at a Nation crushed, still occupied, unable to defend itself, and History is always written by the winners.

  5. cont'd

    ANd the winner, keeps beating that dead horse - of the "Evil Nazi" -over and over, to distract new viewers from the REAL History, and the events going on right now.

  6. This myth has been told in many ways throughout antiquity. Our planets used to be Gods who battled each other in the skies. Was it intentional that you depict images of electric discharge between planets in this article? David Talbot has also created documentaries based on his book, The Saturn Myth. See the list at Thank you for this article.

  7. My first thought was to ask why "Man of Steel" when there are stronger metals that could be used as a metaphor to describe a powerful being - Man of Titanium for example. Then you realise steel becomes pliable under extreme heat and thus, ultimately, at the mercy of Fire. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled off was to convince the world he doesn't exist, but then what to expect from a master magician and arch villain - this is the Wizard pulling the strings behind the curtain in Oz. The EL"ites" and their civilizatiom have been here at least 6000 years - their symbols are seen from Mesopotamia cultures to modern motor vehicle emblems - they are everywhere - because they own everything - this is their Genesis Chamber. The concept of gene-tics or parasiting genes isn't new - the LORD God steals a rib or was it a rib-osome, a compotent of DNA. Saturn is the 6th planet and it's hexagon is really an icosahedron. The hexagon (2D face of the icosahedron) is also a 2D representation of a cube (when you draw lines from point to point) which is a 6 sided object in 3D format - the cube is present in islamic symbolism, simply look at the Kaaba at the centre of the grand mosque and in christianity it unfolds into the crucifiction cross - so the same player is playing two hands dressed up as a choice - the same as politics. What the Man of Steel does very well is implant the message of hope (dressed up with the same gusto that sells happy meals) on an "external" saviour, because you, of course, don't have the power to save yourself - which is the desired mind-job and of course absolute bollox


  9. You are right about so much, and then you go and ruin it by including Christianity in the matrix of deceit. It is clear now that the new world order is fighting against Christianity. Specifically, Catholicism.

  10. This is brilliant. You have the eyes and forethought to understand what is going on. Do not worry about negative response. Thank you for this post. It helps to connect dots. Peace be with you. (@berteena) twitter

  11. You are most awesome! Thank you for the wonderful validation. :)

  12. Really loved the article, it has a lot of information to make you think. Don't worry with the negative contradictions of others, please keep writing:)

  13. Really loved the article, it has a lot of information to make you think. Don't worry with the negative contradictions of others, please keep writing:)

  14. I have been reading blogs for years and this is the best one I have EVER read. Such incredible detail.

  15. I think he was just referring to Nietzsche's 'Superman Complex' he's a great German thinker & his writings were of great inspiration to this pragmatic scientific Manifest Destiny Dogma that rules over the modern world today. The Idea that man's will power is the death of god & the creation of the superman. Maybe if this Dogma paid a little respect to the feminine principals along the way, there would be more of a holistic business approach to world domination, a system including mother nature & it's nurturing principals preventing most of the pollution & subterfuge we suffer today. oh well whatever I'm over it

  16. This info is a blessing & right on point--however, I always wonder why many JEWS WEAR THEIR TALLITS(holy garment)2-4 times too big & too long--/May YAHUAH BLESS/SHALUM