Thursday, 28 November 2013

Catching the Fire Cult - Programming the Young and ‘Predicting the Future’

After watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire based on Suzanne Collins's novel, Catching Fire, (the second installment in the Hunger Games trilogy), I wasn’t surprised by the hidden symbolism in the movie and the huge ‘teenage audience’ that filled the cinema that weekend. Here we have predictive programming at its finest, and despite the movie being a little too slow for my liking, what I saw was the second part of a three part narrative that clearly plants ideas of acceptance, sacrifice and revolution in the minds of the young. I've tried to keep this one short, but you know me?

Some background
The books are set in a supposed futuristic country lying in the remains of the United States, where long ago (long after Obama Care) there were supposedly '13' districts. Collins’s novels talk about how the 'districts' grew angry in their poverty at the wealth and elitism of the capital of Panem. The ‘districts’ revolted but the capitol responded with a brutal nuclear attack, destroying District 13 and rendering the other districts helpless, with no food or means of getting out of their ‘camp’, sorry, ‘district’, unless chosen to die in the ‘hunger games’. So from this background we have the scene and setting for the Hunger Games Trilogy (below).

I am not going to go over the first book/film in this blog but suffice to say, that the second movie (book) like the first, is awash with symbols/archetypes that seem to be classic programming devices. And more alarmingly, the books seem to project a very viable vision of the future for not only America but for the world.

In the original movie (first book) we have 12 children ‘chosen’ (stolen by the state) to slaughter each other, how satanic can you get? The children who are selected to partake in this vicious mortal combat are our children, not theirs – the elite’s children. Sounds like the blueprint for all warfare on Earth today? The participants in the film, as in real life, have been trained to accept a world of war, fighting, combat, and the killing of each other. No matter how we look at the ‘Hunger Games’ it is a story about the slavery of humanity, which is not that far off into the future.

In the second movie Catching Fire we have ‘once child victors’ now fighting for survival in a 75 year tournament called the Quarter Quell, which is an event taking place every 25 years in after a new rule is added to the game by President Snow, more on him shortly. The new rule for this Third Quarter Quell states that contestants will be reaped from the existing pool of victors, which sees Katniss Everdeen (the heroine) being sent back into the new tournament.
Panem - the Capital of Saturn
The Capitol of the ‘new America’ or  Panem is a clearly a reference to both Arcadia and the Greek god of cooking – Pan (joke). Seriously, Arcadia was the place from where Bohemia would draw its inspiration, and both are symbols of the unbridled, often lavish, wild parties, etc. But According to Greek mythology, Arcadia of Peloponnesus was the domain of Pan, a virgin wilderness home to the god of the forest and his court of dryads, nymphs and other spirits of nature. The Hunger Games Capitol is an ‘urban’ forest of the 'gods' and in its classic ‘symbolic reversal’ of the true meaning, it becomes a city dedicated to all that would be the opposite of true freedom.

Saturn is often symbolized as a goat or goat head because its astrological sign is Capricorn – the goat. Pan is the goat and therefore Saturn symbolism is obvious in the composite representation of the devil image or Baphomet (below). Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn and its ‘hidden vibrationary’ effect on the ‘powers that be’, banking, law, education, etc., so therefore Panem is the ultimate Saturn city of the future.
In fact the layout and ‘vision’ of the capital of Panem is very much the typical totalitarian future Nazi-like city. It is also a word that relates to ‘pandemonium’ in the form of a pandemic and again relates to chaos, or more accurately ‘order out of the pandemonium’. Is The Hunger Games preparing the youth of today for some kind of tyrannical future born out of events in the next decade that lead to global Pandemonium?
Panem - the Capital City of Saturn
In the first movie there was even a 'Saturn black cube' in the centre of the capital, (which reminded me of the NSA headquarters if in symbolic terms only), and is another symbol for total surveillance, idolisation and suppression of information. Panem has the ‘ultimate city’ that rules a future America and it's segregated twelve districts. Just as our perception of time is governed by 12 hours, months etc.) Panem's capital is another 'time lord city' ‘symbolically’ ruling over its segments, districts or regions.
Connected to this is the ‘e’ of Panem, which is a heavily used letter with numerological associations in many logos or corporations, not least in the Intel and Saturn-like Explorer logos.  I’ll come to Eurostar shortly.
According to some researchers the letter ‘e’ is very important letter/number because it represents the fifth essence (element) or the ‘power of transcendence’, which is exactly the place (the capital of Panem) where the power and games are played out. 'E' will always be highlighted or dropped in some way in logos and symbolism to reinforce this power of transcendence.

M’ is also another letter important to the mystery schools of antiquity, being the numerological equivalent of ‘13’, we have the ‘rise and fall’ of America in the Hunger Games books, and of course this relates to the original 13 districts or the 12 sectors around 1 (the Capitol). There are of course 12 Jurors and 1 Judge. ‘M’ or the 13th letter in the alphabet is the master with 12 disciples and esoterically speaking 13 is the ‘experiencer’ of the 12 signs of the zodiac. There are only 12 months in the Gregorian sun calendar but there are 13 months in the lunar calendar, there were 13 districts, but now only 12 remain, etc... numbers (and letters) are vibrational codes that affect the subconscious. As David Icke once wrote in The Biggest Secret;

“These number codes have even deeper meanings than the more obvious ones of days, months, and the zodiac. Numbers also represent vibrational frequencies. Every frequency resonates to a certain number, colour and sound. Some frequencies, represented by numbers, colours and sounds, are particularly powerful. Symbols also represent frequencies and they affect the subconscious without the person realizing it is happening. This is another reason why certain symbols are seen in secret societies, national flags, company logos, advertising and so on.”

And I would suggest that the carefully chosen detail in such movies, are part of this rationale.

The Masonic eagle used in on the logo for The Hunger Games districts and the capitol is clearly a rendition of the ancient Roman eagle (see my last article) and can be found on the Great Seal of America and on much Nazi regalia. Why? Because. It is the Phoenix that is rising out of chaos, the bird of change and resurrection. The same symbol has been used many times in other movies too see my review of Pacific Rim, which shows a future global government using the same winged emblem. I would also suggest that the Mocking Jay emblem of the Hunger Games is also a symbol for the same reasons. I’ll come back to that later.
 The winged disc or sword with wings is also a classic ancient Saturn symbol and relates to the now gaseous giant as the Lord of the Rings, ruling over a golden era on a very different Earth. The more I look at Saturn symbolism, the more I see a ‘thought form’ (wave form),  or a vibration that permeates the collective thinking of humanity.
Signs and symbols rule the world, not laws
The 12 Districts - Agenda 21
You don’t have to be an expert to see the connections between what is known as Agenda 21 and the possible (eventual) reshaping of the land in what is now America, to become something similar to that of the Districts in The Hunger Games movies.

Agenda 21 was established at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, hosted by Maurice Strong (below), a Canadian oil and business billionaire and long-time frontman for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as exposed in David Icke’s and others’ books over the years. Strong has been a leader of the ‘exploit-the-environment-to-scam-the-people programme’ which is now a standard policy adopted globally by almost every country.  The leaked maps of the new EU ‘regions’ also show ‘districts’ or regions that would ultimately change the very land, borders and therefore ‘reality’ for people across what was once considered a national sovereignty. The UK would be split into three sectors connected to chunks of other countries to create ‘transnational regions’.
Maurice Strong and President Snow
Agenda 21 is basically the American landmass (along with the people) being confiscated for little and highly-regulated use. It is a glorified ‘enclosure’ movement on a 'very large scale'. See my video diary for more information on the Enclosure Acts of the 18th and 19th Centuries in Britain.
The end of America as we know it today.
The mass of the population would be concentrated in high-rise, densely-packed ‘human settlement zones’ and denied access to something like 80 percent of present day America. Agenda 21 is without question the world of The Hunger Games with a globally-enforced top-down hierarchy that has a world government using its world army and police force to impose its will at regional and local levels (the districts in the movie). The Rockefeller-funded America 2050 has also produced a map of the new United States divided into ‘eleven’ ‘mega-regions’ which includes parts of Canada (see below). The map shows the North West of the USA and Canada as a mega-region known as ‘Cascadia’ and this regional system comes under the collective name of ‘megalopolis’, which is Greek for large city or great city. They should have just called it Panem! Don’t think for a minute that the script for The Hunger Games books is purely ‘fiction’.
Panem in the making
The railway developments for the mega-regions across the USA are also in keeping with the movement of great swathes of people across the land, from district to district and beyond. What did that famous song Beautiful World by Donald Fagan say?

“Standing tough under stars and stripes
We can tell
This dream's in sight
You've got to admit it
At this point in time that it's clear
The future looks bright
On that train all graphite and glitter
Undersea by rail
Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
Well by seventy-six we'll be A.O.K.
What a beautiful world this will be...”

A future global Hunger Games society won’t be beautiful, but the trains just might run ‘under sea’ by rail by then? How did the Nazi’s transport their victims during the Second World War? On trains of course! And crikey, a future world government wouldn’t think twice about shipping people by train trans-nationally, if the tunnels and trains where there in the future. Anyway back to the now.

In the UK the government is talking of creating a new train network (the HS2) of super-fast trains that are designed to accommodate a growing population linking the North to the South and of course to Europe (via Euro star), to match the speeds of our European neighbors.
Whatever a global society will look like, trains will play a massive part in its future
The Eurostar (see the emphasis on the ‘e’ again in its logo) and the tunnel, which was being built during the Thatcher years in Britain was officially opened in 1994 under the last Tory administration. It’s no stretch of the imagination to assume that a driving factor behind it was the coming ‘link up’ of all high-speed trains towards a greater form of trans-regional transportation. On paper of course it looks great, it’s to free up capacity on existing rail lines for more commuter, rural and freight train services, which means fewer cars and Lorries on our roads (cutting congestion and carbon). Well in some ways this is true if you believe all that nonsense of course? But ‘new super-fast’ trains like HS2 would (could) be more about restricting movement and more importantly, re-shaping the landscape and how the masses travel. As the UK Government website states:

"We plan to invest more than £70 billion in all forms of transport by 2021. High Speed 2 (HS2) is part of this, accounting for £16 billion of this investment. We are developing HS2 to provide Britain’s railways with new capacity, better connectivity and quicker journeys. HS2 will link 8 of Britain’s 10 largest cities, serving 1 in 5 of the UK population. It will allow more passengers to use trains and more freight operators to use rail rather than road."

16 Billion on something that would help bring about that futuristic centrally controlled world is money worth spent eh? The Chinese government also proposed building a network of trans-Eurasian high-speed railways connecting from China to Russia, Europe, Central Asia, India, and Singapore via Indochina and Russia has proposed to build a high-speed rail link, (an oil and gas pipeline), and a fiber optic link to North America via an around 100 km long tunnel under the Bering Strait. Well see, but of course in an Ideal 'centrally controlled world', all these lines and routes would be utilized, once flying has been further demonised under the climate change carbon tax nonsense.
Saturn’s Scythe in the Agenda 21 Logo
Both the reduction of people using carbon fuels (roads) and the reduction of the population so it can be more easily ‘managed’ in the name of ‘saving the planet’ is all part of Agenda 21. So is the theme of a massive cull of the human population. Even the United Nations’ Global Biodiversity Assessment demands that the world population be reduced to a billion and ‘elitist’ frontmen like Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and CNN founder Ted Turner have been very vocal in their support for just such a cull. Turner gave more than a billion dollars to the United Nations for population reduction and said the ideal number would be between 200 and 300 million – a reduction of 95 percent.  Shocking I know! For more detailed information see David Icke's new book - The Perception Deception.

President Saturn and his fondness for seeing the young killed
President Snow played by Donald Sutherland in the movies, is a classic Cronos (Saturn) figure. The Father Christmas look is one thing, but the ‘father figure’ and tyrannical president who resides over Panem (Saturn’s capital) is a bit of a giveaway. Saturn was the god of time, often depicted as a baby in a manger and as an old white bearded man, which we call today ‘Old Father Time’, and Snow of course presides as ‘father time’ over the 12 districts.
Cronos in different art forms
The name ‘Cronos’ actually means ‘time’ and as a deity who was said to devour his children, Snow too, symbolically enjoys the ‘games’ that brings death for the ‘chosen’ children (tributes) that fight in the tournament. In myth, Saturn devoured his children so that they would not over throw him, hence the logic behind the Hunger Games. It’s the Illuminati bloodline satanic (Saturnic) mindset to the Masonic ‘T’. Snow even throws lavish presidential parties in the Capital while the Twelve Districts population’ starve in their open-air prisons. Sounds too familiar that to be in the future?
Lavish parties thrown by the elite of Panem – lavish parties thrown by the Rothschilds and other elite families.
In one scene President Snow (Donald Sutherland) talking to his gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), regarding Katniss Everdeen and the tributes, victors and the slave classes.
Snow says, “Her entire species must be eradicated."

This is the Nazi mind-set in a movie, but it’s still here and running the show. I’ve read in several sources that the ultimate goal of Agenda 21 is to have a global China, a society that was closed and isolated for decades to allow the planned global society to be honed, developed and tested for efficiency. One primary element of this is the one- child (or none) population policy. Babies born in China in breach of the one-child rule are denied food, health care or education. They are often killed, if they are female, to stop them producing children later in life, and otherwise they are left in ‘dying rooms’ where they are systematically murdered through neglect and starvation. Yes, The Hunger Games in its ‘real 21st Century form’.

Katniss is Artemis  - the Goddess
According to Wikipedia, the Greek myth of Theseus served as a major basis for The Hunger Games story, but for those that read my blog, they won’t be a surprise to find that Katniss is more of a representation of Artemis, Diana and even Europa.
Diana, Artemis, Katniss – same archetype
In  the  classical  period  of  Greek  mythology,  Artemis - was  often  described  as the  daughter  of  Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo (hence catching fire). She was the Hellenic goddess of  the hunt  (the hunger games) and the goddess of wild  animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity  and protector  of  young girls (Prem and her sister in the movie). Often  she was depicted as a huntress  carrying  a bow and arrows and Artemis was considered by the Pan Arcadians of ancient Greece to be the daughter of Demeter – the matriarchs that predated the Olympian pantheon. I can’t confirm that Collins used the archetype of Artemis for her character Katniss, but what can be observed is how this key female role is a symbol for ‘Revolution’, a new order and more importantly a new world system, As we shall see.
The future Nazi America, lets hope not...
Doing the celebrity thing under duress
After winning the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) return home to District 12. On the day Katniss and Peeta are to start a 'victory tour' of the country, she is visited by President Snow, who explains that when she defied the Capital by breaking the rules (so that she and Peeta both survived the last Hunger Games), she inspired rebellions in districts and now must continue to pretend to be in love with Peeta or her family will be killed. They are to 'maintain the illusion' that her actions were out of love, and not to incite 'an uprising'. The Elite are both terrified of ‘real love’ and of course an uprising, especially the non-compliance version.
Their first stop of the tour is in District 11, home of Katniss' friend Rue, the 12-year-old who competed in the 74th Hunger Games. Peeta offers to read the speech from a script Effie (Elizabeth Banks), a Lady Gaga look alike provides them, but throws it away and voices his thoughts instead, a dangerous act in a fascist state.
Keeping the Peace through fear, violence and oppression
As they leave, a sorrowful Katniss delivers an inspiring speech that causes an elderly man to whistle the tune Katniss used during the 74th Hunger Games to inform Rue she was safe, and provides the three-finger salute of District 12, more on that shortly.

Everyone follows the man until Peacekeepers (above) shoot him dead, causing Katniss to scream at the horror of what can only be described as a scene from occupied Nazi Europe in the 40’s. These must be the same ‘Peacekeepers’ that are wheeled out to represent the UN Security Council when they legally attack other countries, to keep the peace? Fearing for their safety, Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), Katniss and Peeta's mentor, tells both Katniss and Peeta they have become a political target due to their disobedience in the games they ‘both survived’ together, something that had never happened in its 74 years of history.
When they return to their District 12, they find Gale (above) has been arrested and is being publicly whipped because he defended an old woman when a ‘lovely’ Commander and his police (troops) were rounding up people and destroying their homes. Again Katniss and Peeta ‘go against’ the order of how things operate by standing in front of the maniacal, psychopathic in uniform, a character that would make even the likes of Himmler wince.
Fascism yesterday, today and tomorrow – The Hunger Games society
Like I said above, the same state of mind is still in power and running the very structures that would bring about the type of merciless police state we see in the movie.

Welcome to the New World Order
The world that Katniss is born into is one that is the Illuminati ‘heaven’, a place of total servitude and ‘order’ – a 'new world order', that is on the verge of change again. It is a police state of the ultimate kind, strangely enough not dissimilar to the one portrayed in the movie Equilibrium and THX 1138, the latter was the first official movie by George Lucas. All of these movies depict a military police sate that inflicts total violence and brutality over a slave race. A future scenario that may not be so far off, unless people start to see the prison that is being built around their senses today, in this time-frame-reality! If America can go from cowboys to space travel in less than a Century, then anything is possible.
Keeping with the distasteful Nazi Germany theme, the Capitol town square in several of the ‘District’s and in the capital, looks all too similar to the pre-war rallies of Nazi Germany, with its stands containing thousands of spectators and supporters stood in front of draped insignia and a podium from where the dictator pushes his propaganda to the masses. See this interesting blog here for more information.
Spot the difference? History could repeat itself, well err, it already has!
In another a scene depicting the entrance to “Victory Village” which is eerily reminiscent of the entrance to the notorious Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, with its unmistakable sign that read “Arbeit macht frei” or “Work will set you free”, gives a feel of the type of world the futuristic America has (could) become – a giant work camp.

Chips embedded in everyone.
In the games themselves, and across the city world the contestants are ‘microchipped’ and the whole future society literally looks like kind of totalitarian world that the Nazi elite in the 1940’s would have had dribbled at the mouth over. Panem is the ‘state of the art’ technological 'district to district' life, with everything linked by microchip, communication systems, etc. The masses are slaves to their Panem masters, just as today the masses are slaves to the elite power brokers that invented banking and politics and the very technology that we consume and have helped create.
With the Artemis symbolism so obvious in The Hunger Games books and films, it’s worth noting that the EU has a project called ‘Artemis Joint Undertaking’ that is providing the very technological hardware and software that could easily be part of that dystopian future we are ushering in by the year. After 9/11 we also had the Carlyle Group Subsidiary Named 'Matrics' (above) pushing a Swastika-Shaped Tracker Chip that would be used in global future RFID infrastructure. Built on the back of IBM’s technology, the Artemis systems were designed and sold as means to spot and fight infections in babies, but also to grab data from both medical records and ‘real time sensors’ feeding data to, what its own literature calls ‘the machine world’.

According to the Artemis website: ‘Artemis is working to create embedded computing systems, although invisible, make a significant contribution to improving our daily lives’. What is more, they offer state-of-the-art industrial applications which are part and parcel of the European economy and what will become – an electronic currency [world currency]

The website goes on to say:

‘In order to promote economies of scale, reduce costs and encourage the marketing of products based on these technologies, the European Union (EU) is launching a public-private partnership in the field of research into embedded computing systems in the form of a Joint Technology Initiative, implemented by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking.'

In other words the massive integration of mobile phones to bank cards, cars and planes (all transport), to all computing devices, would cover 98% of all usage globally. The market for this is beyond words, with over 4 billion embedded systems sold in 2007 and the world market worth 60 billion EUR and rising at an annual rate of 14 % in 2010!

Talk about profiting from others 'happy' servitude? Panem here we come!

Computers are moving away from the desktop and can be found in 'everyday devices' of all sorts form phones to smart meters. Innovations made possible by embedded systems make our lives healthier and more interesting (so they tell us), our transport safer, and our energy use more sustainable. They are at the heart of industrial innovation and competitiveness, creating and sustaining jobs and economic well-being, oh yeah? In the movie, and like other movies of this genre, the world is run by micro-chips, holographic interfaces and at the extreme end, computers and the world-wide-web becomes a 'living machine consciousness'. The internet is an artificial consciousness and with no stretch of the imagination could become a living entity. A total surveillance sky net if you like? We already have this type of surveillance with the 'intellistreets' systems and in The Hunger Games movie, everyone is watched by an advanced version if this technology.
The Living World Wide Web - A.I. and the birth of the Machine World. © Neil Hague 2013
According to the ARTEMIS website, over 40 billion embedded computers will be in circulation by 2020, and of course 2021 will be a crucial year for the turning point in terms of world changes, in my view. Whatever the world looks like, it will be run by technology that could be used to destroy what is left of freedom. Which district will you be in?

A phoenix rising
At the capitol, the now celebrity status ‘tributes’ train before the games begin while Katniss draws the attention of many other tributes, who applaud her as she successfully defeats the hologram opponents in the training simulator. During the skills assessment, she ties a noose around a dummy's neck and hangs it with the name Seneca Crane (the previous game-maker's name) painted on it. At the tributes' TV interviews with Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) below right, all of the tributes voice an opposition of the execution of the Quarter Quell in an attempt to get the games cancelled. We’ve seen the concept of televised ‘slaughter games’ before where a ‘desensitised public’ consume others ill-fated deaths, in the likes of Running Man starring Schwarzenegger (left). Don’t rule it out folks? If people will watch public executions in the so called civilised world and other endless shit known as reality TV, then the future TV schedule is wide open. You can even watch it on your 'smart android 'living phone too'.
For Katniss's TV interview, she wears a wedding gown, as ‘ordered’ by President Snow. However, during the interview, Katniss spins and the gown transforms into a mocking jay the symbol of rebellion, according to the book. She’s not the only female to take the form of a bird in ‘celebrity land’ though. Of course the movie Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, is one visual example of this transformation into another ‘being’ and Lady Gaga has morphed into a crow, what hasn’t she turned into or worn? I am sure she’d love Panem bless her.
The bird however looks remarkably like a Bennu Bird of Egypt, also a crane and a Phoenix, especially when it is encircled by fire. And the phoenix is a classic mystery school symbol that relates to the ‘unseen forces’ that ‘transform worlds’. The Salamander in Alchemical texts is the same creature.
Phoenix, Salamander and fire mocking jay bird – all symbols of transformation
Katniss and Peeta on fire are Apollo and Artemis riding chariot on a Greek coin
 Both Katniss and Peetas costumes set afire when they enter the arena before the tournament and with Katniss becoming the bird on fire, she is an embodiment of the coming transformation’ - the beginning and the end. Katniss and Peeta are symbols of Artemis and Apollo (twins) and children of the New World Order of Gods. Smokeless fire is also a major symbol used by the Illuminati and is their vehicle to communicate with the archons.

And as sure as I am a Yorkshire man (in this life), and I haven’t read the third book, Katniss is destined to die and or have children (possibly both) due to this symbolic theme she represents. As I said earlier, she is also the woman clothed with Sun (fire) in the Book of Revelation, and the EU, the UN and the Security Council, replicate this symbolism, as phoenix rising out of tyranny and war.
A central feature of the Security Council Chamber is the oil canvas mural painted by the Norwegian artist Per Krogh. Also depicts a phoenix (Bennu Bird) rising from its ashes, as a symbol of the world being rebuilt after the Second World War. Above the dark sinister colours at the bottom, different images in brighter colours are said to symbolize the hope for a better future. Hope is what Miss Everdeen is meant to represent in the plot so again, the 'symbolism of hope' and a better world is reinforced. Of course, the Security Council’s main responsibility is for maintaining international peace and security. As the "emergency room" (where this mural lives) the UN, according to its directive, has to be ready to meet at any time if there is a threat to peace. It’s all reversed symbolism of course, because these bodies are set to administer the world army (police) and the future New World Order.
Today and tomorrow - if we let it happen?
Twelve points on the wheel of Cronos
The obsession with the number 12 across all forms of history, literature and the occult isn’t wasted too in the Catching Fire book/film. Twelve Symbolizes the command and the good, and governs the ‘space and the time’ we live under. It’s another symbol for the Moon’s influence over the Earth.  It’s the Illusion of time, just as the tournament is an 'illusionary' Island - a game world, run by a ‘gamemaker’. The Quarter Quell tournament takes place on a ‘clock Island’ called the Cornucopia with 12 points (sectors) that rotates to offer the contestants different challenges, from poisonous fog, monkey mutations, to showers of blood. The wheel is also ‘Hecate’s Wheel’, named after the triple Goddess (3x4 = 12) who was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, fire, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, necromancy, and sorcery. Sounds like the Quarter Quell tournament.
The 24 (2 x12) victors soon learn that every hour another attack will come, the first being the fog, the second being the mandrills and at midnight and noon (12 again), lightning strikes a very large tree.
As I say the symbolism of ‘12’ is a constant occult theme found in mandalas, logos and other statements of using ‘power’. NATO had 12 original founding member nation states. In what is now the UK (Anglo Saxon shire) we had 12 original ‘shires’ or counties governed by a high-ranking royal official (prior magistrate) from about the ninth century to the time of King Cnut. No that’s not a misspelling its his real name.
The 12 pointed star in a few of its many forms
The ‘occult’ Lucis Trust organization incorporated in the United States in 1922 by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey, to act as a fiduciary trust for the publishing of ‘twenty-four’ books of esoteric philosophy published under Alice Bailey's name, (and to fund/administer activities concerned with the establishment of "right human relations"), also uses a 12 pointed star. The ‘Arcane School’, a school for esoteric training, World Goodwill, a lending library (above far right), as well as the publishing company is also a 12 pointed star. The 10th Century Occitan (Cathar) cross above left also has 12 points like the EU logo and all of these are symbols of sovereignty, governance, order and ‘time’. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. The deeper symbolism regarding the 12 in relation to the movie, is that 13 districts became 12, and through 1 goddess (Katniss and her offspring) there will be ‘unification’ and an ‘emergence’ into a 'new world' brought about by the apocalypse and woman clothed in (Sun) Fire in the ‘12th’ Book of Revelation.

The end scenes
As I have already shown the games are set around a saltwater lake (clock), during which Katniss becomes an ally of other victors from the other districts. As the victors fight it out over the terrain, a few of them along with Katniss discover the electromagnetic force field that surrounds the island. Beetee hatches a plan to wipe out the opposing team of victors and destroy the clock (time) by using the lightning, through a wire. As the plan goes wrong (or does it?) and the wire gets broken, Katniss attaches the remaining wire to an arrow and shoots it at the force field to destroy the arena, causing her to black out.
She awakens in an aircraft with an unconscious Beetee (above left). Entering the cockpit she finds Haymitch, Finnick and Plutarch, the gamemaker, who is actually their ally and a rebel against President Snow. Learning Johanna and Peeta were taken away by the Capitol, she attempts to attack Haymitch for not fulfilling his promise to protect Peeta, but Plutarch sedates her before she can do so.

In the book Katniss awakens days later with Gale by her side and learns her family is safe but District 12 has been destroyed, and that she is on her way to District 13.

Mocking Jay pin, Silent Salute and some predictive programming
According to the author, the silent salute given by Katniss "is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means good-bye to someone you love." But it’s interesting when you dig a little deeper and find that the salute is reminiscent of certain Nazi youth salutes found across Eastern Europe in the late 1930’s?  The image below left is a modern day Ukrainian Girl Scout and an embellished image that gives the impression of the Hitler Youth propaganda, back in the day.

An image speaks a thousand words
What kind of revolution does Katniss symbolise? Are the youth of today being readied for another revolution followed by another dictatorship?  How many more ‘celebrities’ are we going to see ‘being used’ as a mouth-piece for revolution? I am all for peaceful revolution, based on respect and love, but the movies never portrait that kind of 'revolution'. A peaceful revolution is one ‘inspired by the inner world’ of the imagination and not necessarily the outer world of the five senses. The type of revolution that the ‘elite’ would want us to unfold here, would be one born of 'Pandemonium'. Not a good choice that one, not even for a Pan-like man.

The Girl Scouts of America also adopted the three finger salute in which the thumb and pinky fingers touch with three outstretched fingers. Katniss Everdeen commands the respect of her peers becoming a hero when she salutes to Panem’s viewing audience on the victory tour. Unlike the recommended Girl Scout salute, (above) Katniss outstretches her arm as did Nazi sympathizers during World War II. Do we have a little cult following in the making here? Notice the Lady Gaga-like Effie Trinket wearing the monarch Butterfly outfit (above right), a classic symbol for the Project Monarch (MK Ultra) Mind Kontrol (German spelling) unit that came about after the Second World War, not least through the insane activities of the Angel of Death – Joseph Mengele.
A Cult in the making as teenage fans offer a symbolic salute to the stars from the film during an appearance at the Microsoft store at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota
As I said above, the pin becomes a symbol of the rebellion in Catching Fire after Katniss wins the Games by defying the Capitol in the first book. However, when she arrives in the Capitol on Victory Tour and later to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, she discovers that the pin has ironically spawned a new fad, being replicated as a fashion accessory and even used as the basis for tattoos, because "everyone wants to wear the winner's token". The mocking jay has become the symbol for the rebels as well and their desire to break free of Snow. Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) shows Katniss his watch, which also has an image of the mocking jay pin to show her that he's trustworthy. When the 75th Hunger Games began, the same symbol was used by Haymitch to show that Finnick Odair (another contender in the games) was trustworthy. Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) also puts the Mocking jay pin exactly wear another contender Johanna needs to cut it off Katniss, so remove her tracking device and to escape the arena.
It’s no surprise that the pin also looks similar to a Nazi Gunner Badge, because, as I have already shown, the bird is a symbol for the ‘power of revolution’, a New Order, that goes way back to the Holy Roman Empire. The Nazi’s used the Eagle to reinstate their power and influence over the population. To show their Roman-like 'rule of law' to the world. Of course the jay, like a lot of other birds in mythology, are said to be protectors, symbols of spirit and ‘unseen forces’. Katniss is Artemis, the goddess that commands the hunt in nature in that way.
As the movie eventually shows, there is an inside plot to overthrow the tyranny of Panem, something the third film will no doubt focus on.

In plain sight
The illuminati and those in control of the current ‘global empire-in-the-making’ love to hide their agenda in plain sight within commercial ‘so called’ fictitious movies and the media industry in general. Hunger Games is the ‘script’ for the totalitarian elite ruled brutal police state. And when I see such an underlying theme in one of the biggest movie releases of the year, worth tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, is not to be passed off as just a story. This is the clearly the blueprint for a new America.

The agenda is repeatedly being laid out right in front of our eyes, both in ‘real’ everyday life and in the things we choose to expose ourselves to within the so called entertainment industry, yet of course point this out to some folk (even now) and you will likely be ridiculed because what you are talking about is merely ‘fictitious’.

As I and others have shown in similar articles, The Hunger Games does indeed make the use of visual metaphor to evoke the inhumanities of Nazi Germany, but it is also illustrating exactly where we are headed again, if things do not change. As with all of the ‘ruling empires’ and dictatorships dressed up as democracies, ‘games, sports and tournaments have been used to distract and control the masses. From 'Rome' to a possible 'Panem hunger game society', all blood sports were created to satisfy the twisted needs of a crackers ruling elite. As Haymtitch reminds Katniss before she enters the games in Catching Fire, 

“Remember who the real enemy is…”

More than this, we need to remember who we are, once we become empowered through a common human desire for true love and true freedom, we will no longer attract the ‘enemy’

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